Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21

Today I leave for Zurich, Switzerland and will meet up with Aaron Watson – a well-known Texas artist. My flight was very uneventful – thank goodness. We were a few minutes late leaving Nashville, but arrived early in Atlanta. Grabbed a quick bite to eat and exchanged currency, made a few phone calls and boarded the plane. I had bought a book at Andrew’s school book fair a couple of weeks ago and was saving it for this trip. I have found that I really like books written by Lisa Scottoline. They are really simple books, but really grab your heart. 🙂 The move selection was terrible so I ended up reading almost 40 chapters and slept maybe an hour.

Landed in Zurich about 30 minutes early. Went to baggage claim and got my bag. I sent Clint a text to see if they we here and they had just landed. Waited for everyone to arrive and got all of the bags. Aaron, his wife and 2 other couples are staying at a different hotel s they took a train to their hotel and Ernie took the rest of us to our hotel. W all had breakfast while we waited on our rooms to get ready. It was almost noon before the last room was ready. :(. We have never waited that long before.

Some of the guys ventured on out, others took a nap. Some of met in the lobby about 4 and went out shopping. I took the guys to the souvenir store I always go to, did some “window” shopping at the high end stores – crazy to me how expensive some things are!   Went to the chocolate store and then to the pizza place by the hotel that I love. They have amazing pizza – almost as good as the pizza at Bill’s club in Germany. 🙂 went to the store got a soda and water, back to the room to Skype with the family and crash.


Friday, March 22

Went to bed about 11:30, heard some of the guys coming in about 3:30 this morning. These walls are so thin and every noise in the halls echo like crazy. Woke up about 7 and just rolled back over. I figured I should take advantage of my opportunity to sleep in because I don’t get that chance at home with a little one. I finally got up at 9!! 🙂

Got cleaned up and met Jason for Chinese at this little place near the hotel that Lindsey suggested. We left the hotel at 3pm for set up and sound check. Aaron came about 4pm once everything was ready. After his sound check he and I sat and chatted for about 20 minutes. What a really nice guy – a good guy with good Christian family values. His wife and a couple of friends came over separately and they came to join us for dinner and see the show. Aaron is telling everyone they are on their honeymoon, and they are all going to italy for a few days on sunday. Aaron put on a really great show and the crowd loved him. He signed autographs during the intermission and after the show for about 45 minutes. He takes his time with each person and actually “visits” with each one.

Back to the room about 1am, called home for few minutes and in bed by 2.


Saturday, March 23

Slept in again this morning. 🙂 Again, taking advantage of it. Met Jason and Damien and too them to the souvenir shop, back to the chocolate store and we were going to have pizza by the hotel. Pizza place didn’t open til 3 and they don’t serve pizza until 5 and we didn’t have time to wait, so back to the Chinese place.

Left at 6:30 for the venue, had dinner and another great show. I can’t say enough how nice these guys are. I have really enjoyed getting to know them. We have Aaron going to Vinstra in July, and Lindsey or I will go with them. Anita Cochran will be on that festival too with us.

Back to the room about about 1am. Already packed earlier so I wouldn’t have to tonight. Its after 2am now so we are all just waiting until 6:15 when it’s time to head to the airport.


Sunday, March 24

Well, several of us just ended up siting up in my room talking until after 3:30. Once they left I thought I would lay down for an hour. Not! I was so afraid I would over sleep that I took my shower and got ready. Went down stairs about 6am, some of the guys were already down stairs because they didn’t go to bed either.

We left the hotel at 6:30 and got to the airport at 8am. I showed the guys where their counter was, then I went downstairs and checked myself in at the Delta counter. Headed back upstairs and waited as the last 2 guys got checked in. Aaron, his wife and their friends were taking a train this morning to Italy to spend a few days sightseeing. I think they will be home on Thursday. Our gates were close to one another, said our good-byes, and my flight left about 15 minutes before theirs.

Landed in Atlanta on time, no problems with customs, landed back in Nashville with no problems. Was wonderful to see my boys waiting for me. I sure do miss them when I am away.