So, one hour of sleep is definitely NOT enough. We left on time at 4 am and it’s a 3 hour drive. I had planned to sleep the entire trip but that didn’t happen. Some guys in the back of the bus were hot and asked the driver to turn off the heat. Of course, they were bundled up in fleece jackets. I only had on a thin jacket and in no time at all, it was freezing on the bus. Much too cold for me to sleep.

It was such a great trip – finally getting to see the Gstaad Festival and working with one of the sweetest groups ever. They sure made a LOT of fans this trip.

I went to the United counter with Vince while he checked in and then walked back down to the Delta counter and made sure there weren’t any problems with the Time Jumpers check in. Everyone finished relatively quickly and headed for the gate. I had to walk back over to the Radisson and pick up the bag I had stored there. Then had to walk back to the terminal and check in! Got through that process pretty quickly, too, and walked back over to the train terminal to find something I could eat for breakfast. Ended up getting McDonald’s version of an egg mcmuffin and throwing away the bread.

I talked to the Swiss Air counter and got it approved for us to check in at the Help Desk. I knew we couldn’t check in at the kiosk because our first flight is Swiss Air and the second is SAS. Even though they partner, it doesn’t allow website or kiosk check in! The lady who checked us in remembered the Bellamy Brothers from earlier this year or last year. She was very nice and helpful. After getting our boarding passes, the equipment had to go to the oversize counter and Wally and I went to the Swiss Air counter to pay for excess.

We arrived at the gate about an hour before departure. I actually found a coffee shop that sold decaf latte! Bought some Sprungli chocolates for the twins before we left.

It was about an hour and a half flight to Copenhagen. We had time there to grab a quick lunch – mine was a hamburger patty and a salad. It’s a much smaller plane from Copenhagen to Aalborg but only a 30 minute flight. When we landed it was very windy and a very scary landing! The terminal is tiny so it only took a few minutes to pick up bags. Stig was there to meet us with his beautiful wife and 11 month old daughter.

We had a nice bus for the 15 minute ride to the venue where we dropped off the equipment. Then it was about 5 minutes to the Radisson Hotel. Really nice hotel with a view of the waterfront. The restaurant in the hotel where we were supposed to eat was closed on Sunday night so Stig had made reservations at a restaurant across the street. The food was amazing. I had a salad with grilled shrimp, cod with lobster pieces, spinach, broccoli, and cheese for dessert.

Saw a great sign at the airport today in the curbside parking area. It said: KISS AND GOODBYE. NO KISSES ABOVE 3 MINUTES…!

Howard’s suite is named the Jens Bang Suiten. I told him it was in honor of his ex-wife. 🙂

Back at the hotel by 9 pm to pack then repack and answer hundreds of emails. It’s midnight now and I am falling asleep at the keyboard.

Sound check tomorrow and final performance. Can’t believe we’ve been gone almost 2 weeks!


Forgot to mention one of the exciting parts of the trip yesterday. We landed in Copenhagen and all the Bellamys’ group were as tired as I was since they had a late show and early departure too. We were walking from the gate area to the main terminal when David asked Howard where his rolling bag was. He had left it on the plane! I took off running to try and get their before the plane left again. Got there just as they were shutting the ramp and some nice lady got someone to go check in the overhead where Howard had been sitting. Thankfully, it was still there.

Then we landed in Aalborg and were walking out of baggage claim when Howard said, “Someone’s sunglasses are on the floor”. They were David’s. Absolutely made Howard’s day for David to “lose” something since he has the reigning title for that. LOL.

Got up early and went to the fitness room to work out. There was one machine that was really good but you literally had to take it apart to do each exercise. Was very, very frustrating. But at least I got in the workout. Had breakfast with some of the guys then showered and dressed to go to sound check.

Sound check didn’t go so well. The venue forgot to hire a monitor engineer. Then there was trouble with the consoles. They guys finally left and came back to the hotel and will try again right before dinner.

I met with David regarding all the offers we have “pending” in Europe. While I was there he told me that the sunglasses we found were not his! I thought I heard Larry say he lost a pair so I took them and checked with him. They are his!

Walked down to a little market and purchased some water. Stopped and got a chicken kebab on the way back to the hotel. Denmark seems to be “big” on kebabs!

Met Howard and David for dinner in the hotel restaurant at 5:30 pm. We were the only people in the restaurant but it still took 30 minutes just to get our salad. I finally had to tell them that we had to leave for the performance very soon and needed our food NOW. The food was great….just very slow service.

The venue was sold out and it was a great show! The audience loved their music and was very responsive. The only part the Bellamys didn’t like is the 20 minute break they have to take right in the middle of their show. Loses momentum! They sang 3 encores and we were back in the hotel by around 10:30 pm…. Very early for us.

Flying home tomorrow but won’t land in Nashville until around 10:30 pm. That means I won’t see Zac and Zoe until Wednesday night. L

Next trip is Atlanta to see the Forester Sisters inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on October 5th and then San Antonio, Texas on October 8-11 to see my dear friend pin on his 4th Star as an Air Force General!!!!


Got up and did a short workout with “bands” in my room, had breakfast, and departing for the 10 minute drive to the airport. Most of the time, I LOVE flying out of the small airports. The staff is so much friendlier and check-in is usually much smoother.

When we walked up to the check-in counter, a “supervisor” met us and asked if we were the Bellamy Brothers. She handed me a card from the “Director” of the airport. He had written a note on his card thanking the Bellamys for a fantastic concert and wishing them a nice trip. She checked all of us in and didn’t charge anything for excess…great way to start the trip.

It was about a 1 ½ hour flight to Amsterdam and then we had about 2 hours there for layover. Grabbed a quick lunch, went “candy shopping” and then had time for a marvelous 20 minute massage. Makes a huge difference in how I feel after the long flight.

Business class wasn’t full for the first time in a long time. However, with the aircraft change, I didn’t get the seat I had originally reserved. I was able to change my seat at the last minute to something a little better. I watched “The Internship” which was a very funny, light movie. Then slept for about 2 hours before landing in Detroit. There was a long delay after we landed between the time we arrived and when the gate agent finally found someone to bring the jetway down to the plane!

All our baggage and equipment arrived at Baggage Claim in Detroit and we got everything re-checked in time to have about an hour before our next flight. Again, not a full flight and we landed early – about 10:15 pm. Was at my house by 11 pm. I hate getting back this late because then I stay up until 3 am unpacking, washing clothes, and answer emails. L

It was such a great trip – sold out shows for The Bellamys and The Time Jumpers! Next trips are Atlanta, San Antonio, Japan and Korea – all in October!