Saturday, August 12th:
Got those 2 hours of sleep and then departed to the Zurich Airport – a 2 hour drive.  Security wasn’t nearly the nightmare I was anticipating.  They were even allowing us to carry on liquids – after I had removed EVERYTHING from my carry-ons!   The one thing I did notice was a lot more armed security walking around the terminal.
Had to connect through Frankfurt again – they are beginning to recognize us!  Then flew to Dresden.   Promoter was there to pick us up in a BIG bus and drive us 2 hours to the venue.   This venue is an outdoor amphitheatre and I have been to it 3 times before.  Every time I’ve been there, it has rained.  This time was no different.   It’s a beautiful area – outdoor amphitheatre – but a real mudpit when it rains.
We had lunch/dinner in the hotel restaurant and it was really good food.  We had been told that the hotel had wireless in every room.  Not exactly true.  I finally got a signal by sitting on the stairway but it kept fading every couple of minutes.  I finally had to go into the hotel manager’s office and use his DSL line.  The hotel also doesn’t have elevators and we all had huge, heavy pieces of luggage.  The promoter evidently owns the hotel and his wife was trying to carry all our luggage for us!
My shower had one of the shower wands that I knew was going to be trouble.  The water pressure was great but right in the middle of the shower, it flew off the holder and started circling the shower stall. Managed to grab it but just held on to it for the remainder of the shower instead of even trying to put it back in the holder.
We went over to the venue for a line check since we arrived too late for a sound check.  It had been drizzling rain all afternoon but turned into a real downpour when Jesse and Noah performed.   But none of the audience left!  Bellamys went on and performed for 90 minutes and again –everyone stayed.
Finished the concert at around midnight and bed at 1:30 pm for a 4:30 am wake up call.