We had 3 casualties this morning…alarm clocks either not going off or going off and being ignored. Two of those we had to actually go into their rooms to wake them up. Very, very unusual for this group and none of the 3 were due to partying last night. Just severe jet lag! And of course this is the day we have no extra time to spare. Just means a much shorter sound check for the band.

We left at 9:30 am instead of 9:00 am and expected a minimum of a 5 hour drive with the 25 minute ferry ride. Only, we had to take a detour and it turned into a lot longer trip than we expected.   We literally “ran” into the hotel and dropped our bags once we arrived and went straight to sound check. Sound check ran longer than expected and we had to rush to dinner. Then, of course, the service was extremely slow so we had to go straight from dinner to the show. My dear friends – David and Annette Genius – drove over for the show and also had dinner with us.

This is the show that sold out in just 2 weeks once it was announced. The buyer was thrilled that he didn’t have to do ANY advertising. It was a great audience and performance. We surprised David with a “marzipan” birthday cake at the end of the show and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

We don’t depart the hotel until 1 pm tomorrow! I was going to go jogging but this is the town where the seagulls attacked me 2 years ago. I literally had to hide in a culvert for 45 minutes until someone came along and helped me! I may or may not try it again. There is a tiny “gym” in the hotel that I might use instead.

We fly to Oslo and drive to Drammen tomorrow. Next show is Monday night.