No “Beach Body” or “jog around the lake today”. Had to get up too early to get ready to leave for Germany. Had yogurt again for breakfast and then packed the bus to leave for the 5 hour drive.   It was raining when we left but stopped not far into the drive. The drive was beautiful. At one point, we went way up into the Alps and there was SNOW everywhere. I’ve seen enough snow this year to last me for quite a while.

I worked “off line” most of the trip. There was a floor heater that ran the length of the bus along both walls and the bus driver had a hard time getting it shut off. Got pretty toasty there several times but not unbearable.

We stopped at a “Marche” (our favorite place to stop along the road and eat) for a quick lunch.   The food was excellent – all freshly prepared. I had grilled chicken, grilled veggies and a salad. I WANTED to have pasta again, but was able to resist. Food was excellent.

We arrived in Untermeitigen as scheduled and dropped all the luggage/gear off at the venue. Then we took the guys to the hotel where we all usually stay and left them there. Bill – our buyer – is putting the Bellamys and me at the Steigenberger in Ausburg.   It’s located right in the middle of the town and walking street. Bill’s daughter started working here a few weeks ago and got us a great rate. It’s a beautiful hotel and the location is great for us to be able to walk around and shop and eat. Wally sent me a text right before we arrived at the hotel to tell me that the handle on my suitcase came off when the bus driver was putting it in the bay. Since it only had ONE handle, that is a problem. So, tomorrow I get to go shopping for a new suitcase and leave the old one here – sucks because I just bought it before I left on this trip.

I never unpack anything until I KNOW the internet is going to work in my room. It connected immediately with 5 bars, but said there was no “internet service”.   Tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. I finally went down to the front desk and asked for help because I was going to ask Bill to take me back to the hotel where the guys are staying if I couldn’t get on line. I called David’s room and he said he couldn’t get on either. The front desk clerk finally got me online and David got his working as well.

We walked down the street to a great restaurant and had dinner with Bill. The food was really good but nowhere near as good as what we have at Bill’s club (thank you Marianne!). Came back to the hotel and sat in the bar with Bill for a cup of coffee. Then, back to my room to immerse myself in work once again.

My dear friend – Michael Tietze – who has been our tour bus driver for decades is coming to see us tomorrow. He’ll be staying here at this hotel with us and going to the show tomorrow night. Tom Jeier and his wife – who live nearby – will also be going to the show. We’re all scheduled to have dinner together tomorrow night. Should be a fun evening.

The weather is supposed to be warm – high 50’s during the day – and cool at night (30’s). Thinking about another LONG run tomorrow so I can get my bearings in the city.


So, when I started to set my alarm clocks (yes, TWO) last night, I noticed that one said the time was an hour later than the other.   I had already turned off my phone, so I just looked at my watch, groaned and set the clock for 2:30 am then set the alarm for 8:00 am. Got up and had breakfast and came back to work for an hour before working out.   That’s when I realized I had gotten up at 7 am! I guess one of the clocks automatically sets itself for U.S. Daylight Savings Time even though I had it on local time?

Did the Beach Body Workout and then hit the street to find a suitcase. Bill’s daughter was working the front desk (thank God) and told me somewhere much closer to go. I was not looking forward to dragging a 30 inch suitcase on a 15 minute walk through the streets of Augsburg! I found a great one – except it was 159 Euros (yeah – you look that up! – expensive!).   But, didn’t have another option so I was going to buy it when a sales clerk walked up. She was very sweet and asked what I was looking for. I explained my requirements and she came back with one exactly like the one I was looking at except the fabric looked sturdier.   And it was on sale for 59 Euros.   Sold! I LOVE this town. It’s SOOOOO much better than Munich. Now I’m going to bug Bill to let me stay here EVERY time!!!! Of course, it’s costing me a fortune in “shopping”.

Walked the suitcase the 2 blocks back to the hotel and then went to a restaurant where Susan and David had eaten lunch. I had a cup of onion soup and a shrimp salad that was delicious. Shopped for a couple of hours afterwards and even though I found lots of things for “me”, I only purchased baby clothes for the Z’s. I talked to them on video Skype last night and Zoe kept trying to feed me her Oreo through the camera. Zac continually flung crackers at me! J

Rushed back to the hotel and dressed for dinner and the show.   I had made reservations at the nice restaurant in the hotel but when I was asking Bill’s daughter about the suitcase this morning, she said the restaurant manager needed to talk to me.   He told me that my group (9 people) would have to eat the “set” menu because it would take too long for 9 people to order a la carte. What?   I told him I found it hard to believe that a restaurant that size could not accommodate 9 people at one time with separate orders. That’s when he decided to tell me that he had two other groups at the same time – one with 25 people and one with 20 people – and they were all ordering a la carte.   So, we changed our reservations to the smaller restaurant where I had the great coffee last night.

Michael and his wife Sybille and Tom and his wife Christa joined us and we had a great meal. Afterwards, they followed us to the performance. The club was, of course, sold out and PACKED.   It was a great show and the guys agreed to sign autographs afterwards. I got to chat with Michael some more while they signed.

Michael was telling me how his business wasn’t doing as well as it had been in the past. Then he showed me his 1990 fully restored Jaguar with 30,000 miles on it.   I told him I hope my business does as poorly as his this year. J (Yes, Betty, there are HOT photos coming your way!).

Have been working for hours and it’s almost 3 am. I AM going to bed!!!


So I only got 3 hours sleep last night and got up at 8 am to meet Michael and his wife for breakfast. I sent him a text and called his cell phone…no answer. Went down and ate yogurt and had coffee. Still no Michael. So I went for my 5 mile run. Had to run the city streets and they are all cobblestone. Was really brutal on my back! But, I made it and didn’t get lost. And now I have a “sense” of where everything is located.

Back at the hotel for a shower. Susan called to ask if I wanted to go to lunch with them but I was too sweaty. Just as I was showered and dressed and going out for lunch, Michael called. They had “slept in” and he wanted to meet me for lunch.   I walked down to the square to wait for him and he had run into Susan and David. They suggested going to the restaurant where they had eaten lunch.   But David made a fatal mistake.   He mentioned that he had the “white wurst”. Michael HATES that. So, we went to a little café right off the square and sat outside. I had a great salad. Michael had to leave as soon as we finished eating. I had planned to go shopping for “me” instead of the Z’s but just didn’t have time. It was almost 3 pm and that meant the office would be opening.   I did go to the market to buy some more water and ran into Jenny. She had been looking for some dates that Howard wanted but couldn’t find them. I found them and took them back by her room for him.

I was hoping the band would come to Augsburg and shop this afternoon because it’s such a cool little town. But evidently they partied hard last night and were sleeping in…something I sure could have used….the sleep…not the partying! J

Worked nonstop until I met the Bellamys for dinner at the same little restaurant in the hotel. I had the fish tonight and it was really good. Served with spinach that was excellent as well.

We left for the show a few minutes after that. It was sold out AGAIN and they did a great show.   One thing about the Bellamys, they are consistently “perfect”. Have never heard them have a “bad show”. I know they wouldn’t agree, but it’s true.

We have to walk around the back of the club to get to the backstage area. Susan had sprained her ankle right before we left and it was healing nicely. She took a “wrong step” and twisted it again. By the time we got back to the hotel tonight, it was really swollen. Really hate it for her.

I helped with the autograph session tonight and utilized some of my “military tactics” that we use in Iraq. Finished in record time.

Came back to the room to answer emails and “pack” for the trip to Zurich tomorrow. We leave at around noon and it’s about a 3 hour drive. It’s supposed to rain every day that we are in Zurich though.   L

Had a nice surprise with a phone call from my “fella”.   Haven’t talked to him at all since I’ve been over here – just email. Going to get in bed before 3 am tonight. Don’t I say that EVERY night? J