Bus ride was pretty easy but bunk was really hard. Everyone woke up with aching backs. We arrived at the hotel at about 7:45 am and got checked in pretty quickly. Our promoter – Margareta – was waiting for us and had our room keys. It’s a Radisson Hotel and located next door to the venue. Definitely not “downtown” Hannover though. Only thing out here is the BMW plant and an AKEA.

We had breakfast which was much better than the selection in Denmark. I never quite made the chef understand egg “whites” only though. But at least I got a freshly made omelet.

Had a couple of hours to shower, so I went to the health club in the hotel. Not happening! Only had cardio and only 4 machines for that. So, I went for a jog around the hotel area. It was “brisk” outside – cold and overcast – so perfect weather to job in.

I didn’t want to unpack my printer for just a few hours at the hotel, so I put the set lists on a jump drive and took it down to the business center to print. The front desk wanted me to log on to the internet just to print the set list and I refused because I would have to pay to use it. They finally agreed that since they couldn’t figure out where the USB port was located, I could email to them and they would print. When I picked it up, the pages were “off” so I had to cut and tape to make it fit on one package. 🙁

The venue is huge but they have cut the size in half with stage placement. Lady Gaga is performing here on Monday night. Production company is nice and had everything ready for us. The promoter had also catered lunch into the backstage area.

Went back to the hotel for a few minutes and then walked David over to the venue to rehearse a “duet” they recorded many, many years ago with a popular German Artist Tom Astor. Tom is performing tonight and the Bellamys will call him onstage to sing the duet during their set.

Was able to sleep for 2 hours this afternoon. Guess I didn’t sleep much on the bus ride after all because I was really tired. Had dinner in the hotel restaurant with the boys and it was good as well. I couldn’t eat even half of mine and the waiter was worried that I didn’t like it. J

Show time is 11 pm and we have a man and his wife and daughter attending as our guests. The Bellamys have donated auction items to him every year to raise money for his charity. Will be nice to meet him!

We arrived in time to meet Hans-Joerg Freier and his family (the man who auctions Bellamy items to raise money for musical instruments for kids in a kindergarten).

The show was great and the audience loved the duet with Tom Astor. His wife – Margareta – was our promoter and she was awesome to work with. His daughter also helped us with “interpretation” as she speaks excellent English. Michael (our bus driver and dear friend) arrived at 12:30 am and we were able to load the gear from the stage to the bus. We all went back to the hotel to pack up and left Hannover at 2 am for a minimum of a 10 hour drive!