Only got about 3 hours sleep last night because I had to get up early for our flight from Stavanger to Bergen. Had breakfast with some of the guys again and then packed and met everyone in the lobby to depart for the airport at 9:30 am. Felt really “strange” not to be traveling with the big road cases of equipment. Got everything checked in but today – when we had less pieces of checked luggage and equipment than ever before – we were charged excess on one piece. One of the road cases accidentally did not go on the truck so instead of everyone checking one piece, one person had to check 2 pieces and they nailed us for excess. L

When we went through security, David got pulled aside because they said he tested positive for having been in contact with explosives!   Don’t know what that was about but they checked him out thoroughly and asked him lots of questions before letting him through.

Howard had put his converter plug in the wall socket in Lillestrom and it wouldn’t come back out. I bought him another one at the airport only to learn that it would only accept the two prong U.S. plugs, not the “grounded” plugs with 3 prongs. I was able to return it and get my money back though.

It was a short 35 minute flight to Bergen and the plane was packed. The seats were also smaller than usual. We landed on time and our driver – Stig – was there to meet us. He drove us last time we were in the Bergen area too. Great guy and good driver.

The hotel is “older” and situated in the woods up on a hill.   It’s a beautiful hotel but not near anything. When we checked in, everyone had the plastic key cards except me. I was given a metal key! Usually that means the room is small and very old or located in a different part of the building. Since it’s only for one night, I didn’t argue as long as my WiFi worked.   Turns out they gave me a HUGE suite. I even have a massive Jacuzzi in one of my two bathrooms and a shower stall in the other.   Of course, the hotel isn’t air conditioned and again it was really hot in the rooms.   Fortunately the front desk had fans we were able to secure.

Met a lot of the guys downstairs for a quick lunch. I had an amazing omelet and everyone said their food was excellent.

I did not go to sound check with the guys because it’s a 30 minute drive to the venue and I didn’t have a ride back to the hotel.   I washed some more clothes in the sink and worked on emails. Ran down for a quick dinner of grilled salmon and broccoli. The salmon was excellent except for having quite a few bones.

David Genius – the promoter we worked with last year in this area – volunteered to pick up me, Howard and David and take us to the venue.   David is the promoter on the show tomorrow night in Voss and has been a tremendous help on these shows. Super sweet guy with a beautiful wife and children.   We had a nice drive out to the venue.   Except the roads were super curvy.   David is a great driver but I was in the back seat and I was about one minute from asking him to pull over, when the venue came into sight. I don’t usually get car sick except when I have to ride in the back of a van. But I was really, really nauseous. I never drink sodas but I grabbed a Sprite as soon as we arrived at the venue.

We met Frode, our promoter on this gig and he is so nice!   Tom was there with all our backline and personal equipment as promised. He had switched out the defective pedal steel seat, too.

Show is in a covered Sports Arena so much more of a party crowd than these last 2 nights.   A WHOLE lot more of a party crowd! I wanted to go out front and take photos and David offered to escort me. I kept my arms folded over my chest as we made our way through the packed house. Made it all the way to the sound board and I stopped to take a photo of Tim.   Just as I raised my arms to snap the shot, a rather inebriated man in a plaid shirt reached up and “grabbed” me and said “Hello”. Welcome to Norway….:)

This is actually very close to the area where Kjell our promoter grew up. David pointed out Kjell’s home town on the driver to the venue but I was too sick at that point to pay much attention!

Show was fantastic, as usual. The guys went back for an encore and the crowd was still asking for more when they left the stage for the final time.

I sat in the front seat on the way back to the hotel and felt much better when we arrived.   Was trying to get some work down while waiting for a good time to call Zac and Zoe when the fire alarm went off at about 1 am. It was incredibly LOUD. I grabbed my purse and phone and ran out in the lobby. All my guys and some other hotel guests were standing in the lobby – most of them in their underwear! No one knew what was wrong so I ran down to the Lobby to ask. Lobby was deserted but she came running in as I was waiting. Evidently someone had too much “steam” going in their shower!

I was able to talk to Zac and Zoe for a “few” minutes on Facetime. Really, really missing those kids! L

We don’t leave until 1 pm tomorrow which is good news for me since it’s already 2:34 am! Going to bed…..soon…