FRIDAY, MAY 8TH – FIRST PERFORMANCE IN NORWAY: Just as I was washing my face and getting ready to go to bed, I realized I was getting a migraine!   Haven’t had once since I was in Europe with the Bellamys in March.    This one was much different though.   As soon as I get the “halos”, I pop a fiorinal and within 20 minutes, I’m fine.  Usually the “halos” are in black and white.  This time they were in color – psychedelic actually.  Pretty bizarre – reds, greens, blues – all vivid colors.  It lasted a lot longer too, and I had to take two fiorinal instead of my usual one.  Hopefully I won’t get another one this year! Got up and had a very light, quick breakfast before heading to the gym.  I got directions and a map from the front desk (as if THAT would help!).  It was farther than I expected and a lot harder to find, but I persisted and eventually got there.  It’s a “SATS” gym which is a chain in Europe and they are all great.  But it was expensive…300 kroner for the day.  They asked me if just wanted to become a member but that didn’t seem like a good idea.  LOL.    I worked out longer than I anticipated but it felt wonderful.  When I walked to the gym, it was cold and cloudy but not raining.  But it was pouring rain when I left.  I ran into a nearby “COOP” market and purchased one of those plastic rain ponchos since my umbrella was in my hotel room. Showered and worked for a while and then went to a Thai restaurant with Susan and David.  Best Pad Thai I think I’ve ever eaten!  Had a lot left over and took it to Randy for his “lunch”.   Walked by a bag shop and purchased a larger bag since the one I have is too small!  Susan and I also had to get money exchanged.   I went by the festtent and there were some problems.  Power had not been turned on and the promoter had forgotten to go to the bank to secure the money to pay the Bellamys.  Got that resolved very quickly.  Looks like the tent will hold about 1,000 people.  If the weather were better, we’d have a sell-out.  Not sure how many we’ll have. Back at the hotel – working for several hours then walked to dinner with Wally.  We went to a restaurant where David, Susan, Jenny and Howard had just eaten.  They were raving about the food there but what I had wasn’t very good at all.  Show time isn’t until 10:30 pm the the Bellamys so I have some time to work.  Weather still sucks – very cold, very, very windy and pours rain every so often.  The Norwegians can “out-drink” any other country and they did not disappoint tonight.  They were already having a roaring good time by the time we arrived.  I had asked that they set Susan up behind the fence next to the stage to sell the merch because I know how “dangerous” it can get for her.  Had this all arranged but when I got to the festtent, they had moved her out front by the door.  We quickly got it moved back behind the fence.  The one thing that I do love about the recent changes in Norway is the fact that no one is allowed to smoke “indoors” anymore.  They have to go outside. There were a few tables and benches set up along the sides of the tents and we kept noticing this one chick because she passed out.  The security guard woke her up and a few minutes later, she stumbled to the back of the tent.  We noticed that she had wet her jeans!  Gross!  Then a few minutes later this other chick came and sat right in the same spot where the drunk chick had been sitting.  We didn’t have the heart to tell her what she was sitting in.  The Bellamys did a great show and the audience was very “enthusiastic”.  Some drunk guy leaned over the fence and tried to flirt with Susan for most of the show.  Fortunately, he didn’t speak English.   I helped her as much as I could after the concert with the merch sales.  We had just finished and were packing up when there was a huge CRASH.  The drunk chick who had wet her pants sat down on the end of a bench and catapulted herself head-first onto the concrete floor.  I swear I heard her head crack.  I think the only thing that saved her was the fact that she was so drunk.  Got back to the hotel at around 12:30 am and am going to pack and then go to bed.  Leaving for Haugesund, Norway via bus (and ferry) tomorrow.  We are not “half-way” through the tour!  Good thing.  I’m running out of clothes.  J Jude