Michael gave us our usual smooth ride and we arrived at the hotel in Austria by 7:30 am. Everyone except me was asleep, so Michael and I went inside so I could check everyone in and then we had breakfast while waiting for them to wake up. Silvia – or buyer – met us with a birthday cake and big “sparkler” candles for David. Too bad he was still asleep!

By the time breakfast was over, the rooms were ready. Unfortunately, the hotel isn’t exactly what we expected.   It’s not “near” anything – no shops, stores, etc., within walking distance. Nowhere to jog as it’s a busy 2 lane road in front of the hotel. There isn’t an elevator and our rooms are on the 2nd floor which means climbing 4 sets of stairs with our heavy bags.   The restaurant allows smoking but does have a “non-smoking” area as well. Problem is, you have to walk through the smoking area to get to the non-smoking area. The lights in my ceiling and over my desk don’t work but I had the hotel work on that! Even with all these things that I always try to avoid, the best news is….we have GREAT Wi-Fi!!!

I worked until around 1:30 pm and then went downstairs to see if I could find some fruit for lunch. I ran into David and a couple of the guys. Several of the musicians had decided to play golf and our promoter arranged everything for them…except their clothing. They had to wear collared shirts which they did. But no one told them they couldn’t wear jeans!   They were asked to leave after only 3 holes.

David had just ordered some soup when I realized he was supposed to get a massage at 2 pm. I purchased that for him as his birthday gift. It was 2 pm then so I met the masseuse and paid him while David finished eating. He said it was a great 90 minute massage.

Sandro took a “group” photo of the band/crew with Howard and David to use in their new book coming out in 2018. Then, we all met for dinner at 7 pm. Silvia, her husband Michael and Michael our bus driver joined us and we had a “lively” dinner! The food was really great, too.

Doing some “catch up” work now and going to bed soon. We go over for sound check at 12 noon.



Wasn’t able to jog anywhere this morning … not even around the hotel … because the parking lot doesn’t go all the way around the hotel. Thought about running on the golf cart trails but if they will kick the guys off for wearing jeans, I’m sure I’d get kicked off in my running attire!

Had a very small breakfast since there’s not a lot of choices and what is there isn’t very good. Showered and rode over to the venue with the band at noon. I only stayed for a few minutes to check out the backstage area and then rode back to the hotel with Tietze.

David and Howard were having lunch with some old friends who had driven over from Germany – Tom and Christa Jeier – so I stopped in to say hello.   Was able to work for several hours before meeting everyone for dinner at 5:30 pm.

We left for the venue at 8:30 pm and Howard and David had a “Meet and Greet” with several local VIPs and an interview with a webb-based video channel.   The hall is beautiful and was completely packed. I was able to go out front during the concert and Silvia had done an amazing job with all the decorations.

The Bellamys performed 2 encores and then brought Michael (Silvia’s husband) on stage to perform “Beautiful Body” with them. It was a great ending to our evening. It was a wonderful visit to Austria after so many years and Silvia did a fantastic job promoting the concert.

We rushed back to the hotel, checked out and were on the road by midnight as we had planned. Michael was going to have to make one 45 minute “break” stop. We were hoping to drop Sandro off at the Zurich Airport by around 7:30 or 8 am and then drive another hour to our hotel outside Basel.   Michael is such a great driver, we never even knew when he pulled over for 45 minutes and I ALWAYS wake up for that.   I did however, wake up 3 times, when someone (who shall remain nameless) was trying to get in my bunk with me!   “Someone” was very confused in the dark and not only tried to get in the bunk with me but also with Howard and Rocky. 😊