Thursday, July 3

Up too early this morning considering it was so late when I went to bed. Had a quick bite to eat and finished packing. We all left for the airport about 11:45 AM. We all had to check in at the kiosks with Lufthansa, except for Darryl, he was flying business class and was able to go to the counter. The kiosk would not read Tom’s passport and would not accept his confirmation #. I was able to get a lady at the counter to check him in, although she didn’t really seem like she wanted to. After everyone got checked in, printed boarding passes, then we had to go over to another kiosk and check our luggage. First time I have ever had to do this.

We all went through security, had time to grab some lunch and waited for the flight. I think we all slept the entire flight to Oslo.

Landed in Oslo. I have been here many times before, but it has been a while. Gathered up all of the luggage except Darryl’s guitar. I went down to the “oversized luggage” area and there it was. I called the bus company to let them know where were there, had all of our luggage and was on our wait out of the airport. We found our driver, Ase, a very sweet lady who made our ride up to Vinstra as enjoyable as possible. The guys wanted to stop and get some beer for the ride, so she stopped at this store, as they had to buy beer before 8 PM. Joe goes in the store and the cashier cannot figure out how to run his credit card….so no beer for them. I’m not sure why there was a problem, but it was the only time someone could not figure out how to run a credit card.

Just before we arrived Vinstra, we picked up Roalf, who is our contact for the festival. He gave me the laminants and we briefly went over the schedule for the festival, pick up times, etc. Got everyone checked in at the hotel. This is the first time we have stayed at this hotel, and it’s quite nice. It’s an older hotel, but still nice. We do have wifi in our rooms, some areas are better than others, best is in the lobby or common areas. We all dropped our luggage in our rooms and came back to the restaurant for dinner. They had held dinner over just for us. We were all very grateful!! Got in bed about midnight.


Friday, July 4 – HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !!! 🙂

We had sound check today. Joe and I went down with the band to check everything out and let the band get started. Joe went back and picked Darryl up a little later. Once Darryl got there they finished sound check in about 20 minutes. Almost too easy!! It’s been several years since I was here last, I think it was 2008 with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The set up now is a little different. They have tents in the backstage area for the dressing rooms, as opposed to using the small rooms in the building. I like this much better.

Back to the hotel, had dinner and then show time. Darryl put on a great show. The crowd loved him. It’s amazing to see how many people know the words to his songs, especially “Have You Forgotten?” Darryl signed autographs and took photos after the show, and we sold a few cd’s.

It doesn’t get very dark this time of year in Norway. Andrew looked it up and said the sun sets at 3 AM, and the sun rises at 4:15 AM. So darkness is very short. It also makes it very hard to sleep. I woke up this morning to the sound of bells ringing. I looked out my window and saw 3 momma sheep with about 8 babies running around. Did I mention the view from our rooms? Amazing!! You see this huge lake and on the other side of the lake and out in the distance are these huge snow covered mountains. I almost felt like I was looking at the Swiss Alps. It was so beautiful.


Saturday, July 5

I am always so afraid I will over sleep that I wake up several times during the night and look at my phone to see what time it is. I almost confused myself about 3 AM I woke up and thought it was 10 AM. There is a 7 hour time difference from home and I looked at the wrong clock. I almost panicked thinking I had slept that late. Went back to sleep for a while, got up and showered, had a quick breakfast. Went back to my room finished packing, went to the lobby to check out. We are not leaving until 1:30 so we all had a little “brunch” before we left. Darryl had overslept some so Joe and I got him a “to go” plate for the bus. Come to find out, Darryl and a few others were “partying” next door to my room about 3 AM, so I guess that is what woke me up. I think they said they got to bed about 5:30 AM. It is hard to go to sleep when it stays so light out.

Ase was our driver again today. She is so sweet. I forgot to mention that she made it to the show last night. We invited her to come backstage with us and hang out. I think she really enjoyed that.

Arrived at The Park Inn about 4:30 PM, got everyone checked in. We all dropped our bags, Joe and I walked over to the airport to check out where the counters were for in the morning when we depart back to the US. I am on Delta and leave early in the morning, 6:30 AM. Darryl and his group are on United and don’t depart until 11:25 AM.

We all met at 6 PM and enjoyed our last dinner together at the hotel restaurant. The hotel had a huge buffet set up with all kinds of great food. I have ate more salmon on this trip than I can ever remember eating! 🙂 We all said our “good byes”.

I have really enjoyed working with both artists on this trip. Trent is a wonderful person, sweet, personable, a pleasure to be around, and funny. Darryl is great guy, a family man who cherishes his wife and daughter, loves the military and his country, and likes to have fun. I have enjoyed every minute of this trip, but I am so glad to be going home to my family.


Sunday, July 6

Up at 3 AM so I can get ready, finish packing and be at the airport before 5 AM. I was surprised there were already so many people already at the airport that early. I checked in at the Air France kiosk and then had to wait at the counter to check my bag.   I fly to Paris then on to Cincinnati before arriving in Nashville. The flight to Paris was about 2 hours, I slept the entire flight. Did a little shopping at the airport in Paris. I did not sleep any on the flight home, which is very unusual for me. I watched a movie and then about 8 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. About the time I was getting tired, it was time to land.

I have the Global Entry card so going through passport control was a breeze. You don’t even have to fill out the Customs form anymore. When you do the Global Entry, you answer questions on the kiosk and it prints out a receipt and that is what you use. NICE!!! My suitcase was the first one off the conveyor belt, and I was through security and rechecked my bag in about 15 minutes!

Called home and I called my mom to catch up. It’s hard for a girl who is used to talking to her mom every day and then go 10 days without. 🙁 Arrived back in Nashville about 4 PM and my boys were waiting for me. It’s so good to be home. 🙂 Now to go home and pack Andrew a suitcase. He leaves tomorrow morning with my mom on an cruise to Alaska for 7 days! Boy am I going to miss him!!