Oh, this is so brutal. Two hours sleep and short flights with connections. We were supposed to leave the hotel no later than 4:30 am but one person’s alarm didn’t go off and the phone in the room wasn’t working, so left about 20 minutes late. When we arrived at the airport, they only had one check-in counter open for Cimber Air. There were several people in line and a group of about 7 Japanese. The Japanese had the entire entrance blocked with all their suitcases open and were “repacking” everything. I got tired of waiting for them to repack and stepped around them as did several other people. What they didn’t realize was, I had 10 passports in my hand and was checking everyone in. They were NOT happy with me. You snooze, you lose. J

We had to take a bus to the plane and when we arrived, I realized it was one of my favorite planes – a small prop plane! NOT!!! But the flight was smooth and there were lots of empty seats. Landed in Copenhagen 40 minutes later and literally ran to the other terminal for our flight to Stockholm. We were worried that our baggage wouldn’t make it but Lorrie saw several pieces being loaded on the plane right before we left. When we arrive Copenhagen about 40 minutes later, 3 bags were missing. One was Lorrie’s cosmetics and stage wear, one was Jeff’s with some of the ear monitor accessories in it, and one was Marcia personal clothes. We filed a claim and they said it would be in on the 11:30 am flight but no guarantee it would be delivered before tomorrow. Wonderful SAS! We found that one of our drivers from Furuvik had to come to the airport to pick up a Norwegian entertainer, so he agreed to pick up the bags for us.

Our bus ride to Gavle was an hour and a half and everyone was sound asleep when the driver ran off the road. I don’t know if he fell asleep or what but it sure woke everyone up. Kjell was waiting for us at the hotel and all our rooms were ready for check in. Lindsey came back from the venue and we had lunch together. She went back out to the venue for me with Lorrie’s musicians so I could get some emails answered. I was so tired was hoping I could catch a nap before dinner but that didn’t work out. She came back and went to sleep and slept through dinner. Lightweight. J

I had dinner with the entertainers and then rode over to the show with Amber and her group. Last night Danni Leigh and Georgette Jones performed. Tonight Bobby Bare (not my booking), Amber Hayes and Lorrie Morgan perform. Lorrie doesn’t finish her set until 12:30 am and then signs autographs. We have a 6 am departure tomorrow morning to the airport. Another sleepless night. I’ll only be home Monday and Tuesday and fly to DC Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Caught the end of Bobby’s show and Georgette was singing a duet with him. It was awesome. Amber was high energy and they loved her. I went out to the autograph table with her and she signed and took photos with everyone. A man who is here every year looked at Lindsey and then looked at me and then back at Lindsey. He said, “related”. And we said yes. He said “sisters” and I said “yes” and Lindsey gave me the stink eye! J

Lorrie was late taking the stage because she only had 15 minutes for the set change and it took them longer than that. I don’t think she lost any of the audience and she gave a great performance. Audience really seemed to recognize all her songs. Going to be another short night though. She won’t finish until 1:15 and will sign autographs. It’s 30 minutes back to the hotel. I will have to get up at 4:30 am.

We got back to the hotel at 2:30 am and I got in bed at 3:30 am….up at 4:45 am! Jude

It’s really hard getting a couple of hours sleep 2 nights in a row. Bobby Bare is sick with a cold and Lindsey thinks she is getting it, too.

Everyone was “almost” on time for our departure to the airport. Some of them just never went to bed. It was exactly 1 ½ hour drive. Bobby and I checked in at SAS in business class and headed to the lounge. Lindsey was left to deal with everyone else on Delta. They raised their fees again for excess – 75 Euros per extra piece if it is less than 70 pounds. If over 70 pounds, they will not let you check it!

Great shows….Great Promoters at both these festivals who make sure the artists are warmly welcomed and taken care of.

I sat next to a man whose family was sitting across the aisle. He had a young boy who looked to be about 8 years old and was obviously very “spoiled”. The kid had a headset on so every time he spoke – which was constantly – he actually “yelled” because he could not hear with the headphones on. His parents never asked him to speak quieter. He threw little “mini-fits” every time he didn’t get his way. Parents did nothing to try and make him obey them. LONG flight home! I put my earplugs in and sleep mask on and tried to sleep most of the way.

Landed in Newark and our bags made it. We had time to go to the Lounge where once again, they hassled me because I was flying SAS. Finally let me in but by that time, we only had about 30 minutes in there. The weather is horrible….raining constantly.

Our plane was late landing and we finally boarded about 30 minutes past our scheduled departure time. I was in an aisle seat but not the exit row like my travel agent confirmed before I left. It’s a small plane and NO leg room, especially not with my cast. A 7 foot tall young black basketball player was my seat mate. He was all arms and legs and no way to keep from touching me the entire flight. He “warned” me very politely that he was a “TERRIBLE FLYER”. He wasn’t kidding. I didn’t want to tell him that I was probably worse than he was. J The entire flight, he pulled the shade up, put it down, up, down, up, down, fidget, fidget, fidget! Nothing I said really convinced him that all was okay and he constantly apologized profusely. I expected he take-off to be really bumpy, but it was very smooth even with all the rain. He didn’t think so! The landing was a bit bumpy and I thought he was going to jump out of his seat. He was such a nice, polite, young man – just even more scared to fly than me and I never thought I’d meet someone who hates flying more than I do!

My bag made it but the airline had tried to shove one of the wheels all the way back inside the bag. I didn’t notice until I got home and will have to take it back out there tomorrow to see if they will cover it.

I took a taxi home and he was driving slowly through my neighborhood as I gave him directions on how to find my house. A car behind us obviously got angry because he was driving so slow and started blowing the horn at him. He ignored them and when he pulled into my driveway, he told me not to get out of the car because they had parked behind us. He asked me if knew them. I looked out the back and it was a blonde man about 45 years old with a huge beard and wild hair in the passenger seat. The driver was a female in her 30s with blond hair as well. I’d never seen either of them again, so he told me not to get out and called his dispatcher to ask her to send the police! I was afraid Christy was going to bring the kids outside but the car finally left. The driver got the tag number and called it in. I know better than to get out and approach an angry driver. This is Nashville. About half the drivers carry guns in their cars!

Home for 2 days and then off to Washington, DC!