Today I leave with Webb Wilder and the Nashvegans for Lillehammer, Norway for the annual Lillehammer Rock Weekend festival.  We also have John Kay & Steppenwolf on the event.  We all checked in at the Nashville airport, everything was on time, arrived in Newark – no problems.  Got on the plane and found Bill Monnot, he’s the agent for John Kay &Steppenwolf from Paradise and is traveling over for John’s show.  Our plane was scheduled to leave Newark at 8:15 pm and we ended up leaving about 9pm.  Once we got on the runway, we sat in “traffic”.  Guess it was their rush hour.

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2007
Landed in Oslo about 15 minutes late due to our late departure in Newark, and gathered all of the luggage and gear.  Rolf was waiting for us just outside of the arrival area.  Was great to see him again and catch up a bit on the ride to Lillehammer.  Bill went into Oslo for the night for a business meeting.  The last time I was here was in April 2006 and there was a beautiful snow on the ground.  Everything was white and the lake that goes from Oslo up to Lillehammer was frozen.  Today it’s a warm 50+ degrees and the grass and mountain side is beautiful and green, a much different view than before.  The ride up to Lillehammer is so breathtaking.  The countryside and the lake view are amazing. Arrived at the hotel about 1pm, got everyone checked in and all of the gear locked up.  Everyone went to their rooms to rest and freshen up.  I called home to “check-in” and found out that Andrew was sick, he had to stay home from daycare.  L  Luckily my mom is a nurse and was coming down to take care of him.  I hate being away from him and hate it even more with him being sick, but I know he’s in good hands. I had a meeting with a new buyer that we are working with for a Bellamy Brothers tour in September 2007 and possibly again in 2008; really nice guy.  J  Went downstairs to the show room and checked out the new layout of the stage.  They have moved some things around and it’s a great improvement.  Had dinner and then had a meeting with Andree, the promoter for this event. Back in Nashville, Judy met Steppenwolf at the airport and got them checked in.  I will go to the airport and meet them in the morning.  John Kay is flying from Vancouver and will arrive tomorrow evening.

FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2007
Up about 5:30 AM to get ready, have a quick breakfast and head to the airport.  Met up with Bill when we arrived, and we chatted while we waited for the band.  Everyone arrived safely, but it took a little extra time getting all of their gear.  Had another “beautiful” ride to the hotel.  Got Steppenwolf checked in, and then I headed for the Longhorn Club “pub” in the hotel for Webb’s sound check.  After sound check I headed to my room, figured out how to long on the internet via the television.  Was wonderful to be able to check email.  Freshened up and headed downstairs for Webb’s show at the Longhorn Club.  The weather is perfect so they had the doors open to outside, the patio area and the club was full of people.  There was one guy who was getting an early start on his partying.  It was about 6:30 pm and he was already wasted.  He stood right in front of Webb during part of his show.  I thought he was going to fall over several times, and then he would look around at everyone like he was trying to be “cool” or something. J  The promoter came and “removed” him and took him outside.  About 20 minutes later, he was back.  Again, the promoter had to take him outside and I didn’t see him again for the rest of the night. After Webb’s show, I went out front just as John Kay was arriving.  It’s very exciting to meet such a rock legend like JK.  We all had dinner and headed to the main stage.  Headed down for the show and got Webb’s merchandise counted in.  Caught part of Manfred Mann’s show and some of Ian Hunters show.  Got to bed about 1:00 am.

SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2007
Got to sleep in this morning!  J  Up about 8:30 am, got ready and had breakfast.  After breakfast, I went to the main stage for Webb’s sound check.  Everything ran smoothly.  Steppenwolf began their load in and once everything was underway, I went back to my room and checked a few emails.  Headed back downstairs for John Kay’s sound check.  John Kay is celebrating his 40th Anniversary of touring and this is their Farewell tour as well as their last tour to Europe.  They are having a special meet & greet with the “Wolfpack” fan club members as a “thank you”.  Had a group of about 25 members and we all met in the library.  John was very personable, chatted with everyone and had pictures made.  He’s met many of these fan numerous times as they have been fans for many years.  He was telling someone about his childhood.  Seems as though he lived in East Germany when he was a very young child, he and his mother lived with a family until they escaped and somehow ended up in LA several years later.  He’s written a book about his life, and Charlie is going to send me a copy to read.  I can’t wait to read it.  John Kay is a very intelligent man with a fascinating life.   John Kay & Steppenwolf and Webb, both, had a great show.  The place was packed about 2,500 people.  Got to bed about 2:30 am.

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2007
Up at 5:30 am to get ready to leave and a quick bite.  Luckily I had started repacking yesterday afternoon.  I had also printed out everyone’s boarding passes for our flights which made check in SO much easier.  Steppenwolf had excess on the way over, but because we were all flying out together the airlines didn’t charge anything going home.  J  Landed in Newark without any problems, all of our gear made it.  Left for Nashville and landed there to find that 3 pieces of Steppenwolf’s gear didn’t make it.  The plane from Newark to Nashville is “tiny” and they obviously didn’t have enough room for their gear and Webb’s.  They are supposed to deliver the gear to Chris on Monday. Made it home safely and was welcomed by Andrew.  Arriving home and seeing his little face is the best part of the whole trip.  I love traveling, meeting new people and seeing new places, but there’s nothing like being with Andrew.  J