Wednesday, January 29, 2014
What a whirlwind trip!!
Leaving today for Zurich, Switzerland with LoCash Cowboys. This is their 3 year in a row playing the International Country Music Festival there.The guys flight at 10 am through Toronto left on time and my 10:30 am flight through Atlanta was delayed – Atlanta had a freak snow and ice storm the night before..shutting down the city and airport. I finally made it to ATL at 3:00 pm and my flight to Zurich was still saying on time for a 5 pm departure. But… that never happened. Seems we had a plane, a pilot, crew, etc.. but no TSA agent to do security sweep of the plane. Finally at 10pm they canceled the flight. While I was getting rebooked on tomorrows flight, a dear friend in Nashville was helping me find a hotel room in Atlanta. All the hotels near the airport are sold out. Finally found one in the Buckhead area. Went down to Ground transportation and they were grouping us by area’s. I shared a taxi with 2 Belgians and a Chinese guy. Finally by midnight I was in a room. Crazy.
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Not sure I mentioned but this is the 30th Anniversary for the International Country Music Festival. It runs for 6 weeks (end of Jan till mid March) and LoCash are the entertainment for the opening weekend. Albi, our promoter, is also having VIP night Friday night and a VIP party on Saturday. Hoping my flight leaves today!
Grabbed a taxi around noon back to the airport. I have to say that with flight cancellations, upset passengers and knowing Delta and Airport employees are working short staffed, they were all still very nice and accommodating as much as possible. So sitting at gate, plane is here, crew is here and looks like we are leaving on time! I will fill better once wheels up though!!
Once I got situated in my seat, they guy next to me asked why I was going to Zurich, making small talk. Told him about the festival and that I was working with the promoter and the band. The guy sitting in front of me turned around and said “You must be Judy Seale’s daughter, you look just like her” It was Jay Barron. He also works with Albi on the talent for this festival. Mom has known him and his wife for years, but I had never met him. They got stuck in ATL last night too and were coming to the VIP party tomorrow night at Festival.
Friday, January 31, 2014
We landed on time and Albi was there to pick up me, Jay and his wife and take us to the hotel. Texted Jim that I was there. Put my stuff down and took the tram into town to pick up some stuff. Saw the guys in the restaurant when I got back. They were all doing ok. Seems I missed out on the fun they had in Old Town Thursday night. LOL. From their stories it was probably a good thing. We left at 2:30 to go to the venue for soundcheck, dinner and the show. Albi had a big dinner at the venue for all his VIP’s. The show is sold out tonight and almost sold out for tomorrow night. LoCash took the stage at 9:30 and they rocked it. These guys are entertainers. The way they can read the crowd and give them what they want. The audience loves their interaction, had the dance floor packed and everyone on their feet. I know Albi was more than happy with them and the guys had a great show.
We got back to the hotel around 1 – major jet lag – but hungry so we walked down the street to the bar. The owners know us well and let us order some pizza’s. They actually made it out to the show tonight as our guests. Finally found my bed around 2am.
Saturday, Feb 1, 2014
I don’t think I moved all night. I am so excited that the hotel now has glass shower doors. It use to be just a shower curtain that I fought with constantly every time. Took the tram back into town for a last minute shopping. Chris, Preston, Scott, Jim and I are going to Albi’s VIP party at Ort Museum at 5pm for an hour. Albi had it decorated with pictures and posters from the last 30 years of the festival. It was nice to meet and mingle with everyone. At 6pm we left to go by the hotel and pick up the band and go back to the venue for dinner and show.
Another sold out show tonight and again LCC gave them their all. I have taken all different acts to this festival and other than last night and tonight I have never seen the dance floor packed and standing room only. I know the guys did well with merch also 🙂
Back at the hotel by 1 and about 10 mins later Jim called my room and he had left his cell phone at the venue by the FOH desk. Called Albi and he had a taxi bring it to the hotel. Whew. Went back to my room to pack and try to get a couple of hours of sleep. Not sure if the guys were going to try to sleep or not. We have to leave the hotel at 7:30 am for the airport.
Sunday, Feb 2, 2014
Everyone was downstairs and ready to go by 7:30 – bloodshot eyes and all. I got the guys to the Air Canada counter and then I went to Air France to check in. I fly from Zurich to Paris to Atlanta to Nashville. No problem with the flights home – slept most of them 🙂 and was home by 8pm Sunday night. I think the trip was so quick I even threw jet lag for a loop! But..looks like I will be going back over in a month with Dailey and Vincent. The kids were so excited to see me and gave me hugs and kisses then promptly asked where the chocolate was. Ha ha. So spoiled 🙂
Lindsey Chance
Judy Seale International