Saturday, June 25, 2011
I had to be up at 7 AM to leave for Italy, which means I got about 3 hours of sleep, it is suppose to be a 3 1/2 hour drive to Voghera, Italy, but that didn’t turn out to be true.
Me and Lorrie and her band left Interlaken at 8. We have a huge tour bus, so plenty of room to stretch out hopefully get some sleep, that didn’t turn out to be true either. The scenery leaving Interlaken is beautiful, you can see the Swiss Alps in the distance, little did we know that we would be getting a lot better look at them. About an hour outside of Interlake there was traffic at a standstill so our driver got off and said we would take the bypass. OK, the bypass is a 2 lane curvy road up the mountain and back down it… we are in a huge tour bus! I can’t even begin to explain how breath taking the whole thing was. We were all taking picture after picture trying to capture it. It was a mixture of being in awe and being a bit scared going around the turns. As we started our approach downhill Lorrie came through and sprinkled us all with her holy water!
Made it down the mountain and we all stopped to use the restroom and decompress a little. Back on the highway and most of us slept for about an hour. We were suppose to arrive in Voghera around 11:30, it ended up being about 2 o’clock before we arrived. We were starving and still had to get a soundcheck in before 4:30. Mitch, our contact with the festival, met us upon arrival and we checked in. The festival and grounds are called Cowboyland and the hotel has only 9 rooms.. perfect! Their are 9 of us. The rooms are not numbered, they are names of states…. Texas, Arizona, Oregon, etc…and your hotel key is on a horse saddle the size of my fist. Everyone took their bags up and we walked over to the restaurant for a quick lunch. At 3 the band and Jeff went to the stage for soundcheck. I finally met Mitch’s wife, Francesca who is due with twins in 4 months. It didn’t look like we were going to be done with soundcheck by 4:30 so Mitch pushed opening the doors until 5:30. They have a DJ that plays and the crowd does line dancing.
Since we ate lunch so late we changed having dinner until after the show so everyone could go back to the room and get some sleep or freshen up. Mitch and I ran into on an errand for Lorrie and grabbed a gelato 🙂 I freshened up and did some work until time to meet Lorrie and Jeff in the lobby for a VIP meet and greet and press conference at 9 PM. The meet and greet went well, there was girl about 10 that was so excited to meet Lorrie, it was her birthday and meeting her and seeing her show was her birthday present 🙂 Press conference went well, Laura, our translator had to translate the reporters question and Lorrie’s answers but it turned out fine. We were done by 10 and the band headed over to the stage while Lorrie ran up to the room to freshen up. I went backstage and had everyone give me their dinner orders so the chef could start working on it and it would be ready by the time the show was over.
Lorrie did another great show and the Italians absolutely loved her. She signed autographs after the show and then finally around 1 we all went upstairs for dinner. Finally around 2:30 I think we all went back to our rooms for sleep. It was a very exciting and long day and I am so thankful that this group is being so great about everything. Tomorrow we have a day off and are going to Italian Mass at 11:30 and then to sightsee in Milan!
Lindsey Chance
Sunday, June 26, 2011
Today is our day off in Italy..finally. Woke up at 8 to make it down to breakfast by 9, then had to leave at 10 so we could go to an Italian mass at 11:30. Lorrie is catholic and for her birthday..which is Monday the band wanted to go with her to mass as a birthday present. The church is in Milan which is about an hour away from Voghera.
Everyone was up and ready to go by 10. We have to Cadillac SUV’s taking us into town today. The church was beautiful and to hear mass done in Italian was incredible. After Mass we walked to the old Castle and took some pictures and then down to a restaurant for lunch. I think we sat there for 2 hours or more just eating and talking and people watching. It was such a great time. The restaurant even gave us all a free Lemoncello at the end of our meal! Walked over to the big church and took some pictures. It was closed until 5, so we decided to go ahead and head back to the hotel. We walked past this spot where you put your heel on the balls ( tile on the floor) of the bull and do a 360 degree spin for good luck. We all did it. Then headed back to the hotel.
The place we are in Italy…Voghera is about an hour away from Milan. The hotel, venue and restaurant are all on the same compound, which makes it very convenient for us. Mitch and his wife and all the people that work with him have been great. Taking care of us and making us feel like family.
Since tonight was our last night, we had dinner at 7:30. Tomorrow is Lorrie’s birthday and since she will be traveling all day, Mitch had a cake and present for her. The restaurant turned out the lights and played this great song that had us all up singing and dancing as they brought the cake out. Lorrie loved it. Mitch gave her this beautiful book on Italy… he also gave me a nice calendar on Italy to sit on my desk for mine. Some more Lemoncello and we called it a night. Lobby call is at 5:45 so we can leave by 6 for the airport. Everyone in the band has loved being here and can’t wait to come back. And as for me, Lorrie and her band have been so much fun and pleasure to work with. Looking forward to seeing them in Sweden in a few weeks.

Lindsey Chance

Monday, June 27, 2011 – Happy Birthday Lorrie!
Had to be up at 5 to leave by 6. Got 5 hours of sleep last night! I think in the last 4 days I have had a total of 18 hours of sleep, but it has been worth it. Since we are the only ones staying at this hotel, at 5:15, Jeff, Lorrie’s tour manager came down the hall banging on everyone’s door to make sure they were up. Took my suitcase and stuff down to the lobby and since it was so early, no one was working but Mitch had them bring some coffee and juice and croissants over for us to have before we left.
We were split in 2 Cadillac SUV’s for the ride to the airport and big cargo van for our luggage. Lorrie, Marcia, Jeff, Jeremy and I rode with Mitch to the airport and the others followed in the other one. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. Lorrie and the group are flying out on United and I am on Delta leaving about 20 mins after their flight. Everyone got checked in and made it through security with no problems. There was a little food court area before you walk down to the gates so me, Jeff, Marcia and Lorrie ate at the sandwich and wine bar 🙂 One last tomato mozzarella sandwich before I leave. Their gate was a different way than mine so we said our goodbyes and told them I would see them in Sweden in a few weeks.
My flight was on schedule, got situated in my seat and was out before lunch was served. Slept about 5 hours, then woke up and watched a movie and then they served us a sandwich before we landed. Landed in Atlanta on time and turned on my phone. Messages from Christy, mom, Penny and dad letting me know that 1) Zoe has pink eye and 2) my flight home is delayed until 7. We landed in terminal E and my departing gate was in A, took the tram over and went to the Sky Club…advised that now delayed until 8 and I am departing out of E terminal… took the tram back to E terminal and hung out in that Sky Club until time to depart. Called Jeff to make sure everyone made it back to Nashville and he said they almost missed the connection in Newark, but everyone made it. I finally made it home at 9:30 PM last night. Christy had already got the kids to sleep so I peeped in on them, will just have to surprise them in the morning.
I can’t begin to tell you what a great trip it was. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Heidi and Lorrie and their bands and hope to do more with them in the future. What a way to bring in my 29th birthday!

Lindsey Chance