Departed the hotel at 3:30 am and arrived at the airport at 4:30 am. We got everyone checked in with 14 pieces of excess baggage. Had to put the larger pieces on a different belt and then had to take all the boarding passes to the KLM office to pay for the excess before we were allowed to go to the gate. Went through passport control and security and arrived at the gate as they were boarding. If I had not checked everyone in and printed their boarding passes and changed the departure from the hotel to 30 minutes earlier, we would never have made the flight. Flight departed on time and arrived Amsterdam early. We have a 3 hour layover before flying to Stockholm….brutal! I am in the Lounge and brought in one of the Mavericks with me. Trying to get some work done because I won’t have time after we arrive Furuvik. All our bags arrived and we left the Stockholm airport for the drive to the hotel. It was supposed to take 1 hour but due to road construction on the new highway, it took an hour and a half. We’re all “dragging” from lack of sleep. Lindsey had the room keys ready for us. The crew had a quick lunch and then left for the venue. I was staying behind to ride over with the musicians. But when it came time for the musicians to go over, I learned no one was going for a sound check. Wish I had known before I rushed through a shower and skipped lunch! Lindsey was at the venue with Moe Bandy and stayed for a few minutes to make sure the Mavericks’ techs were set. Then she came back and we had a very early dinner. I was able to grab an hour and a half nap – first sleep I’ve had since Thursday night and it sure felt good. Then had to leave for the performance. Tom – the wonderful park manager who I have worked with for over a decade – is going through a really tough fight with cancer. He still made the effort to come out and say hello to me. He is having another surgery on Tuesday and there will be lots of friends praying for good news. Moe Bandy performed before the Mavericks and I missed his show. You’ll have to read Lindsey’s report to find out how great he way. J The Mavericks absolutely brought the house down. I really, really enjoy watching their show. There was big crowd watching which I was happy to see since the weather this year has been cold and rainy all Summer. Kjell, the promoter and all the production crew are the best to work with! I got to see Heather Myles for about 5 minutes at dinner but Trenna Barnes and Robyn Young went to see Moe and the Mavericks perform so I got to talk to Trenna for a while. She brought me a beautiful red scarf, too. South Mountain had already left but Lindsey said they were amazing, too. And, everyone loved the musicians from France that we used to back Heather, Robyn and Trenna. The trumpet player that we hired in Sweden did a great job performing with them. Some really talented musicians in Denmark and Sweden! It was 2:30 am before we got back to the hotel – after a stop at McDonalds for some of the guys who slept through dinner. I got in bed at 3:30 am and had to get up at 5:00 am to see Heather and Trenna off.Jude

Trenna and Heather were off on time but the rest of our groups left late. Several had not paid the incidentals charged to their room and it took a long time to take care of this. About 99% of the stores in Scandinavia will not accept your credit card unless you have a “chip” in it and a PIN code! It’s really inconvenient and I wish America would step up to the 21st century. I wanted to arrive at the airport by 8 am but it was 8:45 before we arrived. Then, because the Mavericks had 12 pieces of excess luggage, we had to go pay for all the excess before they were allowed to check in. The problem was the fact that they were paying cash instead of a credit card. Then, back in line to check in luggage, drop off oversize luggage in another area and walk to the end of the next terminal to go through security. The last one went through at around 9:30 am and the flight was departing at 10:15 am. Cutting it much to close for me. But, Lindsey is on the flight with them and said they all made it. I walked a short way in Terminal 5 and checked into the Radisson Hotel. Had about 30 minutes before I had go to back to the terminal for my flight to Oslo. It was a 1 hour flight and I slept as much as I could. Met with my two great buyers from Seljord and Vinstra about 2012. We had a really good productive meeting and I think they will be able to come to Nashville in October for the IEBA Convention. Flew back to Stockholm and have been in my room at the Radisson for a couple of hours working. Really want to get into bed before midnight. I have to be back in the airport by 8:30 am for my flight to JFK and then on to Nashville tomorrow. Seems like I’ve been gone much longer than 5 days! Jude

Amazing what 5 hours of sleep can do! Feel so much better. Had a quick shower and breakfast then walked over to the terminal to check in. Nice to stay at a hotel connected to the airport, too.

Had two new experiences yesterday on my short trip to Norway. A man getting on the flight in front of me had on a nice white sports jacked and collared shirt with black Capri pants and sandals. Hope that fashion fad doesn’t catch on in America! Then there was an Asian lady flossing her teeth in the bathroom with a plastic bag. That was something to watch!

My flight left on time and as with all my flights this year, it was full. I didn’t even eat the meal they served. I was asleep as soon as we took off and slept until they woke me up for the meal prior to landing – about 7 hours total! No movies, reading or working, just much needed sleep.

Landed on time at JFK and I really hope we don’t have to come back through there any time soon. Very inconvenient. Took me forever to locate the Global Access Kiosks and then 2 of the 4 were broken. My bags that were marked “Priority” were the last ones off the belt. There was no belt outside Customs where I could throw my bags on as they were already tagged through to Nashville. I stood in line at a Transfer Desk counter for about 10 minutes and finally went to the front of the line and asked if I could just give them my bags. They let me but then I had to take the tram to another terminal and basically had to go to the check in counters and through that security line – which was very long – again. There was a sign for the Delta Lounge but when I followed it – nothing there! I asked a man at the Information counter and he sent me back to the same place I had just looked. Went back down and told him the lounge wasn’t up there and he said maybe they closed it. Sent me to another one quite a hike from my gate but since I had 2 hours to kill, it was worth the walk. I worked on emails until time to board the flight to Nashville.

Plane left for Nashville on time – one of the small regional jets that I dislike so much. Weather was fine and no turbulence. I slept for about 30 minutes on that flight, too. J So glad to be home!



Lindsey’s Road Report

Furuvik, Sweden – Day 1 and 2
So excited to be heading to Furuvik again. Flying out today with Trenna Barnes and Robyn Young. Will meet up with Heather Myles, the musicians from France and South Mountain in Sweden tomorrow.
Trenna, Robyn and I are on Delta to Detroit, then Amsterdam and then onto Stockholm. No problems on any of the flights, except I was in business class on an older Delta plane and when you laid the seat back to sleep, the bottom half (leg rest) wouldn’t level out with the rest of the chair so I kept sliding down, would wake up and shift back up in the seat and repeat for about 2 hours. Finally gave up and watched a movie. Landed in Amsterdam and had to go through security again. Lucky me, I got picked for the pat down, and I mean pat down. Checked the inside of my waistband, bra straps, etc.
Harri was there to meet us in Stockholm and drive us to the hotel in Gavle. Drive is normally around 1 hour but their was construction and we had to take the old road which added about 30 mins. I am dead tired by now. Got us checked in and had about 2 hours before musicians from France would be here so grabbed a quick 1 hour nap. Once musicians were checked in I had about 2 hours before Heather was due to arrive to Trenna and I went into town and did a little sightseeing and shopping. Made it back to the hotel to meet Heather. Unfortunately the sky dropped out right as Heather got to the hotel. I guess they are having a really bad rainy summer here. Hoping the weather holds for the next few days.
Kjell took Trenna, Robyn and me to a little restaurant, Sibylla to eat a traditional Swedish meal, Tunnbrodrulle. This is 2 hot dogs, mashed potatoes, lettuce and shrimp salad wrapped flat bread. Yeah..I know, but it kinda grows on you after a few bites. LOL.
Came back to the hotel and trying to keep myself awake a few more hours so I can meet South Mountain when they arrive. Writing this road report and have an email from Trenna saying there is dessert downstairs! Gotta run! Good to see my old friends again 🙂
Lindsey Chance
Furuvik, Sweden – Day 3 – Robyn, Heather and South Mountain show day
Wow.. where to even begin. Woke up at 1:30 because my phone was dinging. Looked at it and had emails and messages from Penny saying Moe and his band were delayed out of Atlanta and going to miss their connection in Amsterdam to Stockholm. Texted our driver Harri to let him know no need to go to the airport early and pick them up. Got up at 6 to check their record on Delta and see what they had been rebooked on. Delta had Moe and 2 others going to Copenhagen and the other 4 coming to Stockholm, landing at 9pm tonight. Had to leave for the venue with Robyn and the musicians at 8 for rehearsal and soundcheck, so got online at the venue and started calling Delta and our TA emergency line. No one could tell me why Moe and the other 2 were booked to Copenhagen, got them changed to the late flight with the rest of the guys. Finally had a text from Moe once they landed in Amsterdam saying they were on a 5pm flight out of Ams arriving Stockholm at 7.
Robyn was done with soundcheck at noon and then we brought Heather over for hers, she finished at 2 and sent her and the musicians back to the hotel and I stayed at the venue for South Mountain to soundcheck. Finished up at 3 and went back to the hotel. Grabbed some dinner and changed and back over to venue with Robyn, Trenna and the musicians at 6:30pm. Robyn took the stage at 7, while he was on, Trenna and I went over and rode the Disco and ship 🙂 it was fun and a bit of a stress reliever! Talked to Harri at 7:30 and Moe and the band had landed and they were driving to the hotel. Whew.
Robyn, South Mountain and Heather all had a great show. Good crowd. Robyn did a lot of his songs and his dads songs, which the crowd loved. South Mountain, amazing players and singers. Linsey, the fiddle player can dance! Heather had a huge crowd and they sang every one of her songs.
Finally back at the hotel and it is 1:30 am. Going to get a few hours of sleep before I have to get up and see South Mountain off!
Lindsey Chance

Furuvik, Sweden – Day 4 – Trenna Show Day
Got a whole 5 hours of sleep last night. Had to be downstairs to see South Mountain off to the airport. Went into the restaurant to get some breakfast and finally met Moe and most of the band.
We don’t have to be at the venue until 2 for Trenna’s soundcheck so I had Harri drive me into town for some more shopping. Called Harri about an hour later to come get me. He asked if I was tired and I told him no, just broke now 🙂
Skipped lunch and headed out to the venue with Trenna and the band. The band that backed Robyn and Heather last night and Trenna tonight are all from France. Heather uses them a lot when she performs over here. All very nice guys and great musicians. They had all the Artists songs down. Robyn, Heather and Trenna loved them. Rehearsal / Soundcheck went very well and we were done by 3:30. I had Moe and his band along with Heather and Robyn meeting us at the park / venue for some Monkey Business. We were also going to have a welcome dinner but that had to be canceled at the last minute.
It is hard to explain to everyone what “monkey business” is, just something you have to experience. But, here at Furuvik Park they have 5 chimps. 1 male, Santino and 4 females, Manda, Selma, Linda and Marie Magdalene. Ing- Marie and her husband take care of them. Ing-Marie is like Jane Goodall. One of the very few people that can nuture and live with Chimps. When we go to see Santino Ing-Marie has me take off my shoe so Santino can “groom” me. I did this a few years ago with Susan Bellamy. It is a pretty good pedicure. LOL. We get Trenna and Tami, Moe’s Wife to get one too. 🙂
We all go back to the hotel around 5:30 to have dinner there and get ready and back out to the venue at 8:30. The crowd was a bit bigger tonight and Trenna did a wonderful show. She and the musicians had a great time and so did the audience. After the show she went and signed some autographs, then she and I along with a few of Moe’s band and the French band went into the park to ride some rides before heading back to the hotel.
1:00 AM and going to bed, get to sleep in a little today, but tomorrow will be busy with Moe and mom flies in with The Mavericks. Can’t believe we are already down to our last day.
Lindsey Chance

August 11, 2012
5 hours of sleep and then down to the lobby for breakfast and see the band from France off to the airport. Again, what a great group of guys, hope we work with them all again soon. After they left for the airport, I had a an hour to get ready and head out to the venue for Moe Bandy soundcheck.
Mom and The Mavericks landed Stockholm a little after noon and were driving to the hotel at the time I was leaving the hotel going to the venue. You can imagine my phone was blowing up with texts and messages from her double checking things were arranged for their arrival. I make poor Harri my right hand person when I am there to help me get things done. Moe and the guys finished their soundcheck within an hour so I sent them back to the hotel and I stayed at the venue to wait on The Mavericks techs to come out.
Back at the hotel around 5 for dinner and change before I leave with Moe at 8pm. Got to have dinner with Mom, she is staying and coming over to the venue with The Mavericks at 10. I think she is going to try and catch a nap since she didn’t get any sleep the night before.
Robyn and Trenna rode over to the venue with us at 8 so they could see Moe’s show. Very good crowd tonight and Moe had a great show. Really good band also. Took him over to sign autographs and about that time mom showed up with The Mavericks. Our friend Tom also came by to see us. He use to own the park up until about 2 or 3 years ago. The new owners keep him working there bc he is the “face” of the park, but he has been sick these last few months so we weren’t sure if we would even see him this time. So glad we were able to. Keeping him in our prayers.
The Mavericks had a really awesome show. I think I stood on the side of the stage the whole time just mesmerized. I love their sound. They finished their show around 12:30 am and by the time everyone was ready to go back to the hotel it was around 2am. Of course a few were hungry so we had Harri to do a quick run through McDonalds for them… yes even in Sweden their are 2am fast food runs. Back at the hotel and after taking care of some business with Harri, got to sit down and have a beer… well part of one.. was so tired that I went back up to my to go to sleep… for 2 hours 🙁
Lindsey Chance

Sunday, August 12

Had every intention of being downstairs at 6 to see Trenna and Heather off… that didn’t work. After 2 hours of sleep I hit the snooze button a few too many times. Didn’t not make it downstairs until 6:30 am. Grabbed a quick breakfast then we all had to leave for the airport at 7am. We actually left about 7:15 am and we are in a big tour bus since their are 23 of us. I am not sure if the bus driver was driving slow, or if there was cap on how fast he could go, but the one hour drive took one and half. Not getting to the airport until almost 9am for a 10:15 departure.. and checking in 22 people! Things were a bit hectic, but we did it.
Since Mom is actually flying to Stockholm for a meeting later today, she stayed at the ticket counter and I went down to the gate to make sure everyone made it on board. Mom sent me a message saying Robie was the last one and to not let the plane leave until he gets on 🙂 sure.. no problem…
Flight left on time.. have to say was a little nervous on this flight. The Mavericks, Moe Bandy and his band and Robyn Young… a little superstitious I guess. I stayed awake through the meal service then I was out… slept 6 hours, woke up about 2 hours before landing and watched a movie. We had a 4 hour connection in JFK, but once we went through customs, security and walked to our gate, we only had about an hour to wait. Said goodbye to Moe and his band since they were going on to Springfield. Then boarded our flight home, actually landing in Nashville early. Always nice!
Said my goodbyes to The Mavericks and Robyn, hope to work with both of them again soon. Dad picked me up, I dropped my stuff off at home, got my car and went to Christy’s to pick up my kids. It was soo good to see them 🙂 Going to sleep snuggled between them tonight 🙂
Lindsey Chance