Thursday, July 5, 2012
Since we do not leave for the airport until noon, was able to sleep in a little bit. Had breakfast with Bill before having to pack up and head out.

Arrived at Munich airport by 1:30 for our 3:30 flight to Oslo. Got everyone checked in at the kiosks and then you stand in line to “drop off” your bag. Jeff had an overweight bag so he took the smaller bag out to make it weigh less, but then the agent helping us at the kiosk said we couldn’t check a 2nd piece. We stood in line for the bag drop agent to ask how much it would cost to check a 2nd piece and it was 70 Euro, she was a country music fan so she let him check it for free 🙂

We all grabbed a quick bite to eat before boarding, got on the plane and had a mechanical difficulty and were delayed an hour in leaving. It is a non stop flight over to Oslo and we landed about 30 mins late. No passport control so just got our luggage and went to find our driver who was waiting on us… I thought. I couldn’t find him, so I called his cell phone and no answer, called Bjorn, our promoter over here and he said he was there and would find us. We all exchanged our money and still no sight of the driver. Called Bjorn again and he said he is there looking for you, about that time he finds us. Load up the bus and we are ready for our 3 1/2 hour drive to Vinstra. The drive is absolutely beautiful. We follow the lake all the way down to Lillehammer and then it turns into a river the rest of the way into the Scandinavian Mountains.

On the drive down Terri kept saying she would love to go fishing so I have to figure out if there is a way for her to do that.

Arrived at the hotel around 10:00 PM, this is the first time I have been to this hotel, the last time I was at this festival was about 5 years ago and we stayed at a different hotel. Summer time in Norway is pretty much daylight 24/7 with maybe an hour or 2 of “dusk”.

John Fogerty played this festival Wed night and then Rodney Atkins and Bobby Bare play tonight. Unfortunately we were all a little to tired to go out to the venue to catch the show. I facetimed with my kids around midnight here and they couldn’t under stand why it wasn’t dark 🙂

Up early tomorrow for 9:30 am soundcheck!


Friday, July 6, 2012
Slept for about 6 hours, then up for a quick breakfast and leave for the venue. Finished up soundcheck around 11:30 and back to the hotel. We have free time until we have to leave at 9:00 pm for the show. The front desk found 2 fishing poles for Terri and she bought the fishing license and headed down to the lake. Me, Jeff and Anita walked over to the little General Store and bought a few things, as we were leaving Tommy and Terri walk into the store, Tommy had already lost his bait and was getting another.
Came back to hotel and had a quick lunch with Anita, and Bobby Bare joined us. It was cool listening to him and Anita share some stories. Anita and I then headed to hike some of the trails. I guess it was probably a mile that we hiked up to the tower, which you climb up and get a panoramic view of the mountains and lake. Just beautiful. I think Anita was a little disappointed we didn’t run into any bears or sheep 🙂

Everyone decided to go down to the restaurant at 6 for dinner, which is a buffet with everything imaginable! and delicious! This was great since the band pretty much put Bill and his club out of pizza’s for awhile.

We went over to the venue at 9:30 and Terri went on at 10:00. The crowd was light since it was a beautiful day and people were still at the campground, but about 2 or 3 songs into her show the people started coming in.. and I think the crowd was the show. I went out front to take some pictures and was asked twice to dance.. which I don’t do.. not very well at least. As I am watching Terri and the band I can see their reactions to the people in the audience. Norwegians can drink some beer! And the way they dress! Terri kept the songs all upbeat for the audience. She finished the show with 2 encores. It was a very easy show and everyone had a good time. We hung out for about 30 mins and then went back to the hotel. Lobby call is 5:45 AM for our 3 1/2 hr drive to the airport! Home tomorrow night to love on my babies 🙂

Lindsey Chance