Sunday, July 1, 2012
I am leaving today to meet up with Terri Clark and her band in Germany for 2 shows then to Vinstra, Norway for our festival there. Penny and has been in Switzerland and Italy with Terri this past week and will come home on Tuesday. Flight over was fine, no turbulence and got to watch a few shows and sleep for about 3 hours. Yay!
Christy is keeping the kids while I am away so I had to take them up there this morning. They are so excited because Christy has a pool and as been promising them a pool day. My waterbabies 😉

Monday, July 2, 2012
Landed on time in Munich and Bill had a driver there to pick me and bring me to the hotel in Untermeitingen, about an hour drive outside of Munich.
I think this my redemption trip to Untermeitingen, I was here 2 years ago with Aaron Tipping and locked myself (on accident) in the hotel bathroom for an hour.. on my birthday! So when I checked in, they gave me a room right off the lobby on the first floor, I guess so if I do it again, somewhere will hear me screaming this time 🙂
Bill, our promoter in Germany left at 2:00 AM on Monday to ride the bus down to Italy to pick up Terri, Penny and the band. It took him about 6 hours so when they all left Italy at 10:30, we thought they would be at the hotel in Germany by 4PM. So I waited, and waited and waited. Penny and I were talking via text and the construction and traffic made the 6 hour trip 10 hours! They finally got in around 8 pm. Had the keys and rooms ready for them to go drop the bags and head over to the club for dinner.
Had a nice dinner with everyone and the pizza and beer were wonderful 🙂
Tomorrow Penny flies back home and we have soundcheck and our first show!
Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Up at 6:45 AM so I could see Penny before she headed to airport to fly home. Bill came over also and while we were having coffee I told him they couldn’t find mom’s fan that she keeps here at the hotel so we walked over to the club and I grabbed a turbo fan and stocked up on water and cokes for my room. It is very hot here right now and the rooms are so stuffy.
Everyone just kinda chilled out around the hotel until time for soundcheck at 2:30.
Soundcheck was suppose to take maybe 2 hours and ended up taking 4 due to some difficulties. Finally finished and it was dinner time. Bill and Marianne serve the best food at their club. Had pizza last night and tonight I did the currywurst…. and of course great beer 🙂
The opening act is Daniel T Coates who is actually from Pennsylvania but has lived over here now for awhile. He plays a lot of dates at Bills club and very nice guy. He went on at 8 and did great job getting the crowd warmed up. We have a sold out show tonight and tomorrow night! The band and Terri came over around 8:30. We have these 2 really big security guys that take of Terri when she is backstage and walking between hotel and venue. No one messes with these guys.
Terri went on at 9:30 and the crowd loved it, said the sound was awesome. Terri and the guys really have a great show. Toward the end the band goes offstage and Terri does an acoustic song about losing her mom. I was all tears. I can’t imagine what I would feel like losing my mom, the song just reminded me to appreciate her more often.
We all hung out backstage for about an hour before heading back to the hotel. I talk to Christy and the kids at night on facetime, but since I have no internet signal in my room, I have to do it in the lobby.. along with everyone else. So I call the kids up and they want me to show them my “friends” (the band) in the lobby and show them where my backpack and toothbrush are, of course I can only open my door and show them from the threshold bc if I do, I will lose the connection. So the guys were getting a kick out of my kids asking all the questions. They are doing good, having a good time with Christy but I miss them so much.
2:30 AM here and need to get some rest. Tomorrow is sightseeing in Landsburg and then show tomorrow night.