I left Nashville on Thursday, July 10 flying to Oslo via Detroit and Amsterdam. Had a 3 hour layover in Detroit and then boarded my flight 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. I am flying Northwest airlines in business class so that did make a little difference. I left Detroit at 5 PM, and arrived in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) at 5:30 AM Fri, there time. Had a 2 hour lay over there and then flew to Oslo Norway arriving at 8 AM. The Whites arrived in Oslo at 3:30 pm. After they arrived we caught a turbo prop to Sandane, Norway and arrived there at 5:30 PM. Got to the hotel about 6:30. All the flights were very smooth with no turbulance or problems.


Now for the rest of the story.
In boarding in Detroit I was on a what NW calls a skybus. Business Class has these special seats that look like some thing out of Star Wars. Hugh head rest and a TV screen that you pull out and it must have about 30 things you can watch which includes about 20 movies. Use to, you watched what every one else did on 1 screen. It has more buttons than your remote at home. One of the buttons lifts your leg rest until it comes to a prong position. I’m thinking this will be just like a bed and I will get some sleep. After take off and a glass of Champaign (free i might say) they came around and gave me a menu for your dinner. This is a 5 course meal. They start with the hot towel, then they bring out the fruits and nuts. Now you have been in the air a little over an hour. Next comes the salad and more fruit and nuts, then they bring out the appetizers.  Now we are a little over 2 hours into the flight. Naturally after the meal comes desert, and it is not your ordinary desert. It came straight from the food channel. Little designs and everything on the plate. I’m to full to go to sleep so I watch a little of a movie and pull my leg rest up and this is when I find out it is great for someone less than 6 ft tall. You can not make it flat. Finally the lights go off and I try to sleep. We are now into the 4th hour of the flight.
I have never been able to sleep on my back much less when my legs are dangling. The seat in front of me is laid back at full tilt so that does not allow me to bring mine to full position. Toss and toss can not find a good position. Back starts hurting, and the next thing I know the lights come on and it’s time for breakfast. Here comes the hot towel, then the fruit and then the sweets etc… Being that my body has not adjusted to the time change thing, it thinks it is only about 11:30 back home and coffee just does not taste good. Nor do the sweets. Hell I’m still full from the 5 course meal just a few hours ago. But I do not want to miss anything.

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008
I land in Amsterdam and make the connecting flight to Oslo. The flight was only 1 1/2 hours and I tried to sleep but to know avail. Get my luggage and go ahead and take it to the next counter. This way I would know where to take the Whites when they come in 8 HOURS LATER!!  There is nothing worse than being in an airport for 8 hours with out sleep. You do not want to sit down to long or you will look like one of the bums we have all seen asleep with there heads on the table or curled up on one of the benches. I sit for 15 mins and walk for 15, this went on for 8 hours. Go out side feel the heat and then go in. I’m sinking fast, but I know I have to look and act the part for the Whites when they arrive.
When arriving from Oslo you have to go through customs. It must be a mile walk. Leon Rhodes, one of the best know guitarists in the world is traveling and playing with the Whites. Leon is going to have hip surgery after he gets home, and we had ordered a wheelchair for him especially for this walk. Their plane lands about 15 min late but we have time. I’m going to meet them as they come out of customs. After about 1 hour of them not showing up I’m beginning to get a little nervous. The no sleep thing has now kick into another gear.  They finally arrived, and the problem was no wheel chair. They had to wait close to 1 hour for the chair to get to the door. Time now is short. We run to the next gate, making it by 10 min. Twin engine turbo prop 28 people full to the max. 6 people who have been up all night in the same clothes and one who has been walking in an out of the heat for 8 hours is not the way you want to fly on a small plane, if you catch my drift.
Besides the smell, the flight was great. The scenery was unbelievable. The mountains, with snow on the caps and the big beautiful lakes were breath taking. At one point we thought we were going in for the landing but what the pilot was actually doing was flying down near the water making a full loop and then back up. It was something to see.
More to come.

Still day 2…JULY 11, 2008

After arriving we were met by our driver and taken to our hotel. Only a few min. away from a hot bath… yay!
The hotel is a very old. Very quaint, and is on the European list for historical hotels. The rooms are about the size of my bedroom at home. A single bed that looks kind of bumpy, but I do not think that will mater, and a bath room that you will not believe. the shower, sink and toilet are all in one area with a tile floor and a drain in the middle of the room. No separation from any of them. The shower had a curtain that you pulled around, but it did not go all the way. I knew it was going to be messy but I really did not care. After my shower the floor had about a 1/2 inch of water on it. All I can think about is getting up in the middle of the night and busting my butt on the wet tile floor. All of us asked for extra towels and from then on we built a wall with the towels to try and keep as much water around the drain as possible.
Went down to the restaurant and had a very good meal. I had some type of seafood soup that was extremely good, but heck I was still full from the plane ride. Everyone else ate salmon, but I knew I was going to be here for a few more days so I will wait for the fish. There were 3 young ladies that had just eaten and were sitting around the piano in the other room. They started harmonizing old country tunes and were quite good. Even the Whites were impressed. They did this for about 1 hour.  Being tired and now more full than I was, I was sinking pretty fast. The Whites had some questions and we stayed down in the restaurant until about 9 PM and then all headed to bed.
Let me give you a few facts about Norway. It has to be the most beautiful country there is and the friendliest, cleanest and most expensive there is. A bottle of beer is about $10.50 USD. One of the guys here said if he took his wife out for a nice dinner, had a few drinks and add the cost of gas he would spend close 3500 Kr ones which equals about 700$ US. That is one evening. Cigarettes are about 10$ US per pack.
I forgot to say that after I took my shower, I toweled off and after drying my face I noticed my eyes starting to burn. Rubbed them and that just made it worse. I had brought my eye saline and just  about squeezed the whole bottle in to them, helped a little but they were really burning. I looked in the mirror both eyes were as red as fire. I knew something was wrong but could not figure it out. I was able to finally pull my eye lids up where I could look into them and all I could see was small white lines. Both eyes were full and I put more eye wash and then I realized I had dried off with a new towel and the lint/fuzz from the towel was in my eyes. After working on them for 30 more min, I finally got them cleaned out.
Another fact about Norway. It does not get dark here until about midnight, and then it is light again about 2 hours later.
I finally get to my room, cut the TV on and just figure I will play like I’m laying on the couch at home during the daytime, and maybe fall asleep. There are no AC in the rooms so you sleep with your window open. As I was drifting off I heard people talking. I got up looked out side and the hotel hot tub was right out my window. Some of the bands that had played the festival that night were just coming in and having a few beers around the tub. I could handle that but then remember the 3 girl singers. They were back out by the hot tub and now singing the same songs but this time the were singing in their Norwegian Lang. The last I looked at the clock it was 1:30, it had been dark for an hour and I could see the light from the sky getting lighter.

SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2008 – DAY 3
Got up at 6:30, could not take it any more, showered and went down to a good old Norwegian breakfast and the start of a new day. Oh well that is another chapter..

Ater having another shower, I headed down for coffee. As I said it is a very rustic hotel. Wooden floors, fire place the whole ball of wax. Getting a cup I walked out and sat on the patio, and it was very easy to see that God was in a very good mood when he made Norway. I have never seen a more beautiful setting. The little village of Sandane sits in the valley between 3 huge snow topped mountains. Everything is green and clean. The picture is to hard to put in to words. They do not do it justice. I have taken some photos and I’m most hopeful when you see them you will get a little idea of what I’m saying.
Breakfast in Norway is something else. We all met around 8:30 and enjoyed toast, ham, turkey, eggs, bacon, cereal, cheese, salmon, sardines, pickle relish, green pepper, red pepper, salami, and of course some of the best bread and butter I have ever had. The butter is made right here in the village and is as creamy and smooth as you could find. Now that is a way to get the day started. Oh I forgot I got a glass of milk, and took a big swallow and my eyes crossed, it was liquid Yogurt and strawberry at that!
Prior to going over for load in and sound check The Whites and 4 other acts were asked to perform 4 songs at this lovely church. The Church is 110 years old and is classified as a Stave Church which in Norway is a way of saying how old it is and how it was constructed. Again I have taken photos. Outside the church is a beautiful peaceful, clean, cemetery. Each grave has its own little flower bed and all of the head stones are in the same size category. None is bigger than the other. The church was packed and of course The Whites were fantastic. Each group did 4 Gospel tunes. Even the Norwegian groups did their songs in English. The preacher was something else. He spoke in Norwegian, but he must have been a funny man for he had everyone laughing and singing. I wish I knew what he had said. I told Nils, one of the promoters, that I was watching him and if he laughed, I laughed also. I did not want the preacher to point me out for any reason.
One little Village over is Breim, Norway. It is not even on the map, and this is where the festival is being held. This is the festivals 14th year. Charlie Pride, Rick Skaggs, Don Williams have all headlined the show in the past. Sharon White who is married to Ricky had told the group that Ricky had told her that they all would love this place, and he was right. The stage is facing more snow topped mountains and you can see the motor homes and campers parked at the top of the hill. The night before they had set a record for attendance and they were hoping tonight shows would break it.
We were a little early for sound check, but the stage crew was very nice and got us hooked up and ready to go in no time. The Whites are a little anxious, for they are using a Norwegian steel player. His name is Daj, and is pronounced Dog, last name Wolf. According to The Whites he was awesome, and did a fantastic job for them. They highly recommend him to any group coming over that needs a steel player. His ability and playing really took a load off of them.
We got back to the hotel to change out of our Sunday best and go down for dinner. Ah another treat, more food. A few tried the steaks, a couple had the Salmon and I had to try something Norwegian. I had smothered mashed potatoes, with something extra in them that I never did find out what it was, steamed broccoli and cauliflower along with a Norwegian sausage and Reindeer meat. I guess there will be no Xmas next year here. It was very good.
Made it back over to the venue at 9:30. The Whites are going on at 10:15. The show was great. Gunner, is another of the promoters and his band opened, and they are fantastic. Gunner has a great voice and the band is very good. Of course they are doing all country music and in English. The people there are into line dancing and they really add some fast steps and a lot of swinging in their dancing. The Whites go on and the crowd had a ball. Singing along as well as dancing. They made them come back out and do an encore and this really pleased the Whites and made them feel good. After the Whites, Lynn Anderson performed. We stayed around, watched most of the show and then headed back to the hotel. It is about 1 am.
This is the best part of the night. At the hotel there are a few of the bands sitting around and talking. A fiddle player is playing along with the piano player. We all go to the room as it has been a long day. When I get to
  the room I call my daughter to tell her how things are going (reporting in). Before going to bed I figured I would walk down and see if I could find one of those $10 beers and see if it will put me to sleep. As I get to the lobby there are now about 7 musicians and 30 people standing around listening to them play. Right in the middle of the group is Buck White (77) Leon Rhodes (76) and Eddie Bell the drummer. Sharon and Cheryl have hit the sack. Remember the 3 girl singers, Yep they were there providing the melody. This little jam session lasted till 5 in the morning. I lasted till 3 and headed to the room. As I was getting ready to go to sleep I did look out to make sure the hot tub was empty. It was another short but great time.
More to come.

Sunday, July 13, 2008 – DAY 4
Let me tell you a little about who I have over here if you are not familiar with The Whites.
Buck White is the father of the 2 girls. He is a very well know and respected entertainer and has been doing this for about 60 years. Sharon White might be married to Ricky Skaggs but believe me she is just as good an entertainer as he is. And by the way a super lady who loves life and enjoys doing what she does. Cheryl White is a hoot. She gives you that shy personality off stage but once the show starts she gets into her grove with the bass. She sings like an angel also; Eddie Bell is the drummer and has been with the Whites for 16 years. They absolutely love him and believe me the feeling is mutual. Leon Rhodes plays the electric guitar. Leon is a legend in his on right with other musicians. It is said that a lot of guitar players have made the remark that when they die they do not want to go to Heaven, they would rather go to Leon’s house. Leon played many years with Earnest Tubb and if you ever heard Mr. Tubb say “Take it Away Leon”, that is who he was talking about. What an incredible person he is.
This is why the jam session was such fun. They had Buck and Leon playing with them. And for their age and the time and length of the session, it was a priceless sight.
Sunday morning started off with another beautiful day. It also started with another Norwegian breakfast. Pretty much the same except this time Buck found the hard boiled eggs. It was funny to watch him try to peel the egg, it was one of those that just would not come off. He was so tired and it took him forever. He got about 3 hours of sleep, but said it was one of the best time jamming sessions he has had in a long time. Said it brought back a lot of memories. Leon also was thrilled at the session. I think he liked the attention. LOL!
We are flying back to Oslo this afternoon. We have a short 15 min flight for our first stop and then a 50 min flight to the Oslo airport. The turbo prop is the same as we flew upon so the girls had to place there guitars as well as Leon’s in the baggage check in. Wideroe is the best. They allowed me to stand by the baggage compartment and watch to see how they were loaded. Had to be on top of all the other and not where something could fall on them. After they had them loaded they asked me to look and make sure it was ok. Yep, that would happen in the States.
The first leg was only 15 min. I was sitting in the back and as we landed I knew I was going to keep an eye out for luggage coming off and going on. As I get up I hear Sharon say “Oh my God there goes Dad out the door. I look at her and tell her I will get him. As I get to the door the stewardess allows me to go to the bottom of the steps to get Buck. He had fallen asleep and thought we were in Oslo. They also allowed me again to watch the loading and unloading and ask me to make sure the guitars look right. What an Airline.
In arriving at Oslo we were met by a young lady with a wheel chair for Leon. She took us down to luggage, said for us to take the wheel chair to the hotel (a 2 min. walk) and that also she would be at the hotel at 8:15 the next morning to pick us up and get The Whites through security.
Eddie Bell is a super nice guy. He has never been over seas and this was a trip of a lifetime for him. There was nothing he saw that did not impress him. If he said it once he said it a hundred times that his wife would not believe this. I had to smile each time he said it for I knew he was sincere. The snow tops, the Glaciers, the lakes, the food, the beauty of it all as well as the friendliness of the people was and still is all he could talk about. I asked him to come to the room and I surprised him with calling his wife over my Skype phone system over my computer. I wish all could have heard the tone of his voice as he was describing it all to her. This will be a lifetime memory for him, so this leads me to Eddie’s memorable experience he gave us all at the airport.

MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008
Leaving the hotel and walking over I asked if they had their passports. Of course they all said yes. We get to the airport and Eddie opens his briefcase and we all see the panic in his actions. Yep he can not find it. He is telling all that he had it yesterday on the plane he put it into his back pocket where he kept it. If it was not in his back pocket then it would be in the brief case. Nope, not there. He took everything out and then went through his carry on bag, no where to be found. The girl with us said she would go down to lost and found to see if it had been turned in, we sent Eddie flying back to the hotel to see if he had left it in the room.
The young lady returns saying that it has not been returned, she also comes back with the number to the US consulate where we will have to call and try to get an emergency passport. Sharon grabs my hand and says lets pray, which we do. Eddie comes back and it was not in his room. They start going through his luggage again and the next thing I know I’m walking toward Wideroe Airlines. They have only 45 min to catch an International flight. Not looking good.
I explain to the lady at Wideroe my problem, told her where Eddie was sitting in hopes the plane was on the ground somewhere and they could check it again. She got on the phone and called her supervisor. I was not worried about him catching this flight but just needed to find the passport so as not to go through all the hassle. The lady hangs up the phone smiling  and says they have just found it and it is on the way to Lost and Found. I go over tell the group, and the young lady with us says I just came from there and it is on the way. She and Eddie head back to claim the passport and return with about 30 min. to spare. Eddie has gone from embarrassed to the happiest guy in the world. The young lady flies them through ticket, luggage and security. I say good-bye to them at security and watch them head down the ramp. I’m so glad this worked out for them as they really had a great time and this might have spoiled it for them. They are great people and fun to be around. I hope the day comes when I get to work with them again I know I will see them soon at the Opry. Hope they had a great flight home.
More to come.

TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2008 – Day 6
Must have been more tired than I thought, slept till 10:00 am. Got dressed and went down stairs to have coffee.
The wind was blowing 100 miles an hour and the temp. was cool. Rain was falling also so I decided to sit at the bar in the lobby and drink my coffee. The lady working the bar was extremely nice, like every one else I have met in Norway.
As there was no one but me at the bar she began to tell me all about Norway and it’s people. English is taught in the schools here starting at grade 4. They study it for 8 years. Schools here run from 1st grade till the 13th. No typo.
After learning everything I needed to know, the conversation really became interesting. She is a documentary producer for TV, and she believes in ghost, aliens etc. She was telling me stories about areas in New Mexico that I have never heard, and I do not Roswell. She told me about someone who had written a book on how there are people who are in the center of the earth and are building huge cities and portals that will transport people to other places. Dang I wish she had not been so cute. I spent nearly 3 hours talking to her. She also had some very interesting thoughts and ideas about 911 and who caused them. I do no try to get into conversations about politics, but although what she was saying did not make sense to me but I can see how they might look at it the way she did.
After the rain quit I did walk over to the New Opera House that was built on the water front. Unique building and design. The sides of the building are built in such away you walk to the roof. No steps, it is just slants and you walk up. Once at the top you have a great view of the city but much more than that is the scene of the waterfront with all of the old Norwegian sailing ships. The old wooden ones that they still use. Quite impressive.
From there I walked to the Museum of Natural Art. Did not mean to but it was just there. I’m not an artsy type so I just looked at the outside so I can say I’ve seen it. From there I headed to the Nobel Peace Center. Prior to reaching it I came upon a huge Fortress that was right on the main waterway. Naturally it was built to protect the city. I have taken photos of these places and if they show up I will have them on Judy’s website.
The Nobel Peace Center is a beautiful old and yellow building. It to is close to the waterfront. I went in to find the director to get him to explain how Al Gore received the Peace Prize. Lucky for him he was not in. Very interesting place and in the main room they have all the books etc that the winners have out. Do not believe Mr. Gore had sold one book.
On the way back to the hotel the rain began to fall pretty heavy. Of course I had no umbrella so I was soaked to the hilt by the time I made it back. That was enough for the day. Will try and go to the Ski jump that they used in the Olympics a few years back. It is the Ski Jump that when you use to watch The Wide World Of Sports and Jim McKay would say that part of “The Agony of Defeat” as the jumper was coming down and misses his spot and goes of the edge. I tell you it has to be huge as I can see it from my window and it has to be 6- 8 miles away. I understand they use it once a year for some type of kicking off the Winter Season here.
There is also a sculpturer Park here that my son had told me about. Suppose to be very life like and beautiful. Wonder if I can find my bartender and see if there is really another side of that park. Maybe they are not just sculptors.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2008 – DAY 7
Before I get started in telling you about today I have been informed that I have not told you where and how I got to where I am.
Sunday night on returning to Oslo from Sandane, I was staying at the Radisson Hotel airport. Being I was going to be on my on for 3 days and the airport is 30 miles away, I moved to the Radisson downtown.
Oslo is all about Trams, subways, buses and street cars. I caught a subway at the airport and it puts you off right at the Radisson downtown. Matter of fact it lets you off right in the middle of a mall. They start working on you as soon as you arrive. From there it is about a 1/2 block walk and the Radisson is the tallest building in Oslo. If you are out walking it is easy to see where you are suppose to go to.
I will start by saying after I signed off last night I had realized that I had not eaten. Went to the restaurant on the 34th floor, as it is the only one open and ordered a Lobster salad. First they gave me a bowl of black pitted olives with bread. Then they brought out the salad. Mostly lettuce with 2 quarters of a tomato, 4 small pieces of Lobster and about 3 bite size pieces of garlic. That is it. My bill was 450 Kroners, divide that by five. The night before I had the Original Club sandwich. Yea sure… First layer was tomato, second layer was bacon and the third layer was a fried egg, of course all of this was in closed by lettuce. Cost was about the same. I sure hope my boss is having a good day when she sees my expense sheet. Hope she has a good sense of humor.
The 2 things I wanted to do today was go to the Holmenkollen (Famous Ski Jump) and theVigelandsparken(The Park of The Statues).
Went down and had my coffee at the bar, the young lady was not there this morning so I guess she had not returned from one of her portal trips from last night. I did tell the bartender there where I was going and he told me that the night bartender was a Junior World Champion Jumper and he had won that title in 97′ in Calgary.
Tried my luck at getting on the subway and all worked out good. They really help the visitors here. 12 stops later I was at the ski jump. It is about 2/3 of the way up the highest mountain in Oslo. The one thing nobody told me was you had to walk about 500 meters straight up to the Jump. For and old man this was quite a trip. I was determined I was not going to stop and rest….do not know who I was trying to empress. You would not believe the height of this thing. You have to be a little crazy to do this. They could get me to go up there but there is no way I would ever let go. During the summer months they take the landing area and make it into a lake for people to swim and then drain it in Sept to be prepared for the snow. the lake is 150 meters deep. I have pictures and I hope they turn out. The view of the city is awesome as well. Can see the rivers that run into the city quite clear.
I left the jump and headed toward the Statue Park…I hope. Another subway train took me to a station at which I had to walk another 500 meters to the park. I do not know how to explain this park. It is huge and it looks like it is where the locals go to be lazy and maybe a little loving with there spouse. They are laying every where.
There must be 1000 statues of all type of designs of humans. They are in some wild poses and of course they are all nude. Very interesting to say the least. Very beautiful and clean grounds with a lot of flowers. Again I have pictures, and they will be up on the web site soon.
Made it back to the hotel with out any problem. Was going to pick up a book for my nephew on Norwegian Architect, had it in my hand and realize it was close to100$ US. Knew right then My boss would not be in that good of a mood so needless to say it got put back. Was starving so i went to Burger King and got my 2 double cheeseburgers and fries for $19.30 in US and went back to the room.
I know I will pay for this tomorrow. Legs fill like they weigh 100lbs each.Wait a minute they do anyway so make that 200lbs each..
Check out tomorrow and head back to the airport Radisson where I meet up with Lynn Anderson and her group and then fly to Evenes Norway. The festival is Sat night…MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Oslo is a beautiful city with some very unique buildings and extremely nice people. I will definitely come back here………right after I win the lottery. LOL!
More to come.

THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2008 – DAY 8
Before I get started about my day, I have to throw in this commercial. As most of you know I have a terrible knee problem. It is just a Seale family trait. Prior to coming over here the Dr. recommended an over the counter supplement of some sort. It is called Glucosamine Chondroitin with Sulfate. They said it would take about 4 weeks for me to see results.
Maybe y’all have heard of this but I have not. Started taking it last Thursday and let me tell you it is a miracle pill. With all the walking I’ve done as well as the climbing of steps I have not had my brace on once. Still have a little pain but nothing like I use to have. I can not wait for the next 3 weeks to go by. If you have any joint ache I ask you to try this if you haven’t already.
Did not get up real early this morning as I knew I was through sightseeing for this trip…has a lot to do with money. Matter of fact my daughter just called and told me that I could not eat for the next 4 days. LOL!
I did not elaborate on the train ride from the airport to the downtown Radisson, but caught the same train back out to the airport this morning, and was amazed at the beauty of the country side the train takes you through. Everything is green and as I said before, very clean. Made 2 stops before arriving at the airport, and both little towns looked the same. It cost about 17.50 to take the train, I think the next time i get to come back, I will just get on the train and ride as far as they will let me. It is about the cheapest type of sightseeing you can do.
I did go down and have coffee at the bar this morning and found out that the average wage here is about 14 Kroners a week, so that would be 56 Kroners per month or 672 Kroners per year. I believe that comes to about 53k per year US. Sounds pretty good, but as I said the cost over here is quite high on every thing.
The bartender is from Sweden, and even though it is higher to live here than in Sweden, he can make more money in the food service over here than there. Go figure…
I forgot to say that bicycles are another way to get around here. You can buy a card that you hold up to a special poll by the bicycle rack and it releases your wheels and you ride around all day on it if you want to and then return it to any other rack. Yep can see this ole body on 2 wheels, no telling how many people I would have hit. Maybe Judy shouldn’t try this given her bicycle history… LOL!
Some one emailed me back and said they had gone to the park of statues and was wondering why I had not described the statues more. I was trying to be clean. They have some outrageous poses and as I said they are all nude. One man did all the sculpting. Do not know how long it took, but if you have time Google it and look at them for your self. I wonder how my son knew to tell me to go here…
I will be meeting Lynn Anderson and her group tomorrow, and we will fly to Evenes / Harstad. It is another small town and I’m looking forward to seeing some more incredible sights. I’m sure there will be more of the beautiful bright green lakes and snow covered mountain tops. We take a commuter plane again and I’m sure this will even make it more interesting. Evenes is in the Northern part of Norway on the East side, above the Arctic Circle…
One story I forgot to tell you has to do with the sound check for the Whites show in Sandane. As they were on stage I stood out in the area that the people would be later that night. I looked at the front of the stage and there were 2 young guys about 18-20 years of age. The Whites were rehearsing one of their gospel tunes and one of the guys was clapping his hands high over his head. I thought to myself that is good, even the young adults are into the spiritual songs. Then I looked down and his clothes and the back of his jeans were down to about 1/2 way down his butt. He did not have on boxers but regular briefs. As the tune ended he turned around and took about 4 steps and fell flat on his face. I forgot to ask what the drinking age is in Norway!
More to com.