Left the hotel about 9 AM for the London Heathrow airport.  I have always heard this was the largest airport and was the difficult security wise.  I am glad to say that we all breezed through without any problems.  I had to pay excess fee because my bag was too heavy, 25 GBP.  Afterwards I went over to a store that sold luggage.  The smallest decent sized bag was 130 GBP.  Was much cheaper to pay the excess.
Did some last minute souvenir shopping as this was my first time in the UK and waited for the flight.  Quick flight to Zurich.  Martin, who works for the Zurich airport, met us just past passport control and escorted us to meet Albi. That was really nice of him.  Short drive to the hotel and the rest of the evening free.  Too bad it was raining and pretty cold or we would have went downtown.  Maybe another day.
Early night.

Up to check email and had a quick lunch.  Left for the venue for load in and sound check.  It went well and quick.  Had dinner at the venue and after dinner Tracy met with about 25 fan club members.  They had traveled to “Fan Fair” last year, but the fan club party went so late, that they did not get a chance to meet him.  Was great to see Maya again, too.  I had not seen her in about 7-8 years.  She is a travel agent and does all of the flights and hotel reservations for the Zurich dates.
We had a great show.  The place was packed as was the dance floor.  Tracy signed autographs or about 30 minutes after the show.  We all loaded up and headed back to the hotel.  Got in bed about 2 AM.

Got to sleep in this morning.  Today we are having lunch with Bill and Susann Loop who live just outside of Zurich.  The Bellamys performed for Susann’s private birthday party last year.
Met Susann and Bill in the lobby of the hotel and we all headed up to Uetliberg, which overlooks the city of Zurich.  Breathtaking does not even begin to describe the view from up top.  OMG!!!  It was amazing.  We had the most wonderful lunch – great food and great company.  Bill and Susann are so wonderful.  I am really glad that we got to spend the day with them.  They have been so gracious to us.  Thanks again Bill and Susann for a wonderful day.  This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  🙂
Back to the hotel and a few of grabbed a tram downtown for some quick shopping.
Left the hotel at 7 PM, we were all still so full from our fabulous lunch that we didn’t even have dinner.  Had another great show!!  Bill and Susann came, as did Jurg Schapper, another friend from Switzerland.  Was great to see Jurg again, too.
Tracy signed autographs again, headed back to the venue and in bed about 2 AM.