Thursday, June 26 and Friday, June 27

Today I left with Trent Willmon for the Cowboy Festival in Voghera, Italy. We met at Customs to register their gear. The agent didn’t even come outside to look at anything, which was really nice. We all went to the airport and checked in. Didn’t have any excess so it was easy and quick. Uneventful flight to JFK. Found our gate to Amsterdam, where we will connect and waited our flight. This is a great group of guys. They get along great and are hilarious.

Flight was full to Amsterdam. I’ve been through Amsterdam enough that’s I know this routine, and I know NOT to exchange money here anymore! :). We did that at JFK. When we got off the flight, we waited for one of the guys to go to the restroom. We waited, and waited, and waited. We began to think something was wrong. I know we waited 20 minutes or longer, then decided to go on, surely he would make it eventually. As the rest of us got to the gate, there he was. He came out of the restroom, didn’t see us and went on. He wondered why we didn’t wait on him! ha!!

Short flight to Linate airport. I think we waited as long for our luggage to come off as the flight was. It took forever to get 6 suitcases. Then we get outside the baggage area and Mitch, our promoter, is no where to be seen. It’s a small airport and the exit was close by. I went out but he wasn’t there, so I called him. He was there, he had just gone to move the van. The guys exchanged some more money while we waited for Mitch to come back in.

Was about an hour drive to the ranch. We all got checked in and had time to relax and freshen up before dinner. Had a great dinner with great company. This is a great group of people to work with.

Back to the room about 9 , and I was so tired. I went to bed, but woke up around midnight to FaceTime with the family. 🙂


Saturday, June 28

Slept in a little since it will be a late night. Got leaned up and walked around a little checking out the grounds. There is an amusement park here, too, and several booths selling western type merchandise. A few of the guys went in to Voghera, walked around and had lunch. When they got back it was time for sound check, which was relatively easy. Then a few of them went back to Voghera and checked out a few more areas of town.

Had a great dinner again with lots of interesting conversations. After dinner Trent did a short meet and greet, and press interviews, then it was show time. I haven’t seen Trent’s show before, but I was really impressed. He and the band put on an amazing show. Trent is pretty high energy, and the connection with he and Vince is crazy. Vince plays guitar, keys, harmonica and has an incredible voice….very talented guy, and super funny personality. After the show, Trent signed autographs for about an hour and took pictures with fans. He is a super guy too, a real sweetheart. Finally got to bed about 3 am, after face timing with the family.


Sunday, June 29

Up too early after such a late night, but we are off to spend the day in Milan. We had lunch at this really nice restaurant just outside of the town square. Walked to the Duomo Cathedral, went inside, walked around town, went to the castle. We got separated from 2 of the guys just outside the castle, and had no way to contact them, as their phones didn’t work. We waited at the castle entrance because we knew they had to come back this way. Finally about 45 minutes later they show up. We made it a point to NOT get separated again.

Got back to the hotel just in time for dinner at 8pm. Another great meal. This time all of the staff joined us, as well as Carlo and his wife. I think that everyone – artist, band, Carlo, Mitch, staff, and all of the fans had a great weekend in Voghera!!

Bed about 11pm tonight, and an early morning, as we all leave. Trent and the guys go back home, and I will fly to Germany to meet up with Darryl Worley, who was in Interlaken with Judy, for a few shows.


Monday, June 30

Up at 4am. I am always afraid I will oversleep so my body wakes up every few hours and I look at the clock so I finally just got up. Finished packing and had all my things down in the lobby about 6am. Almost everyone came down, and only missing one. Vince went up to check on one of the guys and he was still asleep. He came down about 10 minutes later. Said he totally forgot to set his alarm.

Mitch took the guys to the Milan Malpensa airport, and his wife, Francy, took me to Bergamo. I am flying to Munich and will meet up with Darryl for 2 shows at Four Corners. When I got to the airport the flight was delayed 45 minutes. I tried messaging Bill to let him know, but internet on my phone was not connecting. Then, the airlines announced my flight to Munich is canceled. I finally get my phone to connect and was able to message Judy and Bill to let them know what was going on and would let them know what the news plans were. I was supposed to be at the hotel in Untermeitingen around 12:30, way before Darryl, but not now. After Picking up my luggage and waiting in line for almost an hour, I am rerouted to Munich via Malpensa. There are 5 of us on a minibus being driven to Malpensa, about 45 minutes away, to take a direct flight to Munich at 4:20 pm. Guess it was about 1pm when we finally arrived Malpensa and we get to wait another 3 hours for our flight. Exciting day!

Finally arrived Munich about 6pm, and made it to the hotel about 7:30. The guys were all over all the club ready for what I thought was dinner time. No. They were all having a great time, drinking a few beers, visiting with Bill. A few of us went in to the restaurant and ate, then hung out a little longer.

Back in the room about 11pm. Called home to the family and then to bed.