Susan has still not passed the stone. L

Got up at 6:30 am, showered, packed and rolled my bags down to the lobby. Breakfast was supposed to start at 8 am but everything was already out at 7:30 am. Everyone was down on time and we departed to the airport.

Once I convinced Lufthansa that it would be to their advantage to check us in as a “group” it went relatively smoothly. I got into one argument because I’m supposed to be able to check 3 bags weighing 70 pounds and they would only allow 2 bags at 50 pounds. So I couldn’t check one of the excess pieces for the Bellamys. We ended up with 10 pieces of excess at a cost of around $985.00 – it’s been worse!

Our flight was supposed to depart at 11:45 am according to our boarding pass but the board at the airport said 11:30 am departure. Glad we arrived early! We landed Zurich on time and Albert and our drivers were unable to pick us up downstairs due to construction outside the airport. We had to take elevators up and some guy came by and said the carts are made to put on the escalators. So the few of us who were left tried it out. I did just fine but Jim had a cart loaded with huge suitcases and equipment and it tipped backwards on him. He caught it and managed to keep it from falling on him but it was pretty frightening!

We managed to stuff everything into the small vans they picked us up in and the drive from the airport to the hotel was supposed to be 30 minutes. Traffic was horrible which was a surprise on a Saturday and it took us over an hour to make the drive.

I’ve stayed at this hotel several times and it is really nice. Got everyone checked in and the band left immediately for sound check. It’s a TINY venue, so they are going to have their work cut out for them. I had a salad with David, Susan and Howard. Susan was drinking beer and taking pain pills to try and make the stone pass. She says she can fell it moving again, so maybe it will pass on through!

David and I walked down to Migros and got water and fruit for our rooms. I came back and worked for a couple of hours before dinner.

Had dinner with the guys. It was a “set” menu but very good. Had to rush a little because David decided Susan felt good enough to leave her alone during the show and wanted me to go with them. We arrived at the show about 30 minutes before show time for a “small meet and greet”. Had about 30 people to take photos with. The club was sold out or should I say “over sold”. It was totally packed. Great audience. Guys went back out for encores twice.

Busy day tomorrow with rehearsal with Gola and then a radio show, sound check and last performance in Switzerland. Sure hope Susan passes that kidney stone before she has to fly to Atlanta alone on Monday!