Was much too tired to write very much last night.   We have worked with Albert before and he is a great guy. He works for SUISA right now but is moving to Florida next year to open a restaurant. He is a “master” and “teacher” of martial arts, too. Just a great guy. Peter – the club owner – is “crazy”. J   Every few minutes, he looks at me and says, “I love you, Jude”. It was a really great evening.

Got up early to have breakfast and time to work out. Walked into the restaurant and it was deserted. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t even open yet. So I changed gears and worked out first and then had breakfast. When I walked down the stairs this morning, there was a girl with long black hair and a hot pink top on sitting at the hotel computer with her back to me working. Looked exactly like Susan and she was wearing the same top as Susan. I started to go over and surprise her and then my brain kicked in and I KNEW Susan would not be working in the business center at 7:30 am. Later in the day, I saw Wally heading over to do the same thing. I was too far away to stop him and he walked in and stood right behind the girl and watched her type. When she realized he was there, she freaked out and so did he when he saw it wasn’t her. Sure wish I had been videoing.

Gola, Lukas, and Sandro and one other man whose name I can never remember arrived early for rehearsal. David, Howard and Randy joined them and knocked out the 4 songs in less than 2 hours. It’s going to sound great.

We left for the Radio Station at noon and they had a little sound check once they arrived. Then the 30 lucky winners were admitted and they played 4 songs for them –3 songs off the new album which will be released in Switzerland at the end of September and “Let Your Love Flow”.   Then the guy from the radio station did a little Q&A session with them and afterwards, everyone in the audience received an autograph and photo.

Bellamys and Gola had to do a radio interview and a newspaper interview and then listen to the “mix” on all 4 songs they sang today. It was 4 pm before we got back to the hotel and everyone was STARVING.   We all had lunch and discussed upcoming strategy for the cd, tour, etc. These are such great guys and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

I checked everyone in and printed boarding passes and then it was time to get ready for the show. We have to depart at 7 am tomorrow, so it will be another “short” night!

We left for the show at 8:15 pm and true to our info, our driver barely spoke 2 words of English. Very nice, though. Peter and Michal arrived from Schupfart and the Bellamys got to spend some time with them before they went on stage. I met the promoter – Peter – and his assistant – Maria. They have been great to work with and were very happy with the ticket sales. We are performing in a “sports hall” and the acoustics are a little strange. But it was another wonderful show to a great audience and Bellamys did multiple encores. We had a few minutes to say hello to Markus and his wife after the show and then headed back to the hotel.

It’s 1:30 am and I have to get up at 5:30, so going to shut it down and write more tomorrow when I have more time! It started raining again around 2 pm today and turned COLD. Qatar won’t be cold!!!