So, I always carry my itinerary around with me in a plastic binder.  I usually put important papers in it so I’ll have them on hand when needed.  I knew I took it with me to the venue on Saturday when I went over for sound check.  I couldn’t find it after that and looked everywhere.  The only “stop” we made was at a gas station where I bought water.  We went back there on Sunday to ask if I left it there and the little girl who worked the counter came running out with it.  There are some good things about living in a small community.  J

Got 3 hours sleep because Wally kept calling about Opie.  They finally decided to give him synthetic morphine and see if he could fly today.  He was feeling pretty darn good when we boarded the bus to the airport at 6 am.  Weather is really horrible – raining and freezing.  Not looking forward to flying in this.

We arrived at the airport a few minutes before 7 am and the counter was still not open.  I noticed that Opie was very white and he said he needed some water.  Found out he took the pills on an empty stomach.  So we got him some yogurt and a pastry and he looked better immediately.

We didn’t have any problem checking in with the “excess” charges and we took off on time.  While waiting on the runway, we were told that the plane had to be de-iced.  I never like hearing that!  We took off and I was convinced we were all going to die.  The ascent had nothing on the combat landings we do in Iraq.  We were bouncing all over the sky.  This lasted about 10 minutes but it seemed like an hour.  Then we got away from the Islands and all was calm.

Landed in Copenhagen and had a 3 hour layover.  Had lunch of airport food which was not good and headed to the gate.  Opie is still “drugged” and doing okay.  Flight to Zurich took off on time and I felt “at home” once we landed in Switzerland.  I called a great travel agent I work with here and she sent a car to take Opie to the hospital.  We needed to find out if it was necessary for him to have an MRI or xrays and if he needed a cortisone shot or just more drugs.  We had hired a van and trailer to pick us up and take us to our hotel.  The hotel is great and located right in the middle of the shopping street in Zurich (dangerous).  Got everyone checked in and then David, Susan and I went across the street to eat.  We ate in the bottom of a department store that has all kinds of little counters with foods from various countries.  Had Indian food and it was great.

Opie was at the emergency room for hours.  The doctors advised that it would be extremely expensive for him to have an MRI here and suggested they give him more drugs and let him rest and have the tests when he got home.  Back injuries are never “easy” to diagnose and always take a long time to heal.  Just hope he starts feeling better before we fly home on Sunday!

Been answering emails for hours and will be going to bed soon. We have a full day off tomorrow.  Hopefully it won’t be raining so I can jog.  If not, there is a gym right across the street and I’ll be in there first thing.  I am taking David to our favorite Italian restaurant for his “birthday lunch”.   Then it’s shop, shop, shop! J


I can tell I’m going home soon because of the number of “vitamins” I have left!  Had planned to go jogging around the lake but it was pouring rain.  So instead I went to a great gym across the street.  Cost me 25 Swiss Francs – which is almost $25 U.S.  The dollar is VERY low here and in most of Europe right now.  I can remember a couple of years ago when $1.00 U.S. was worth $1.50 in Swiss Francs.  Susan, David and I walked down to our favorite Italian Restaurant – Contrapunta.  It is the best. We had the same thing we have every time we’re here — fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and their homemade noodles with white truffles.  White truffles are only “in season” at certain times of the year and we’re lucky to have them this time.  It was sinful.  I went shopping all afternoon but really didn’t buy much except for a Cuban cigar that I am going to try and smuggle in for a Marine buddy at Bethesda and some lotion.  Saw lots of cute clothes and shoes but trying to watch the weight on my checked bags.  I did buy some Swiss chocolate and had ONE truffle de jour.  Gotta do that when you’re in Switzerland, plus I worked out!  Had Asian food for dinner with Susan and David and now I’ll be answering emails all night.  Tomorrow we drive to Buchs, Switzerland (near St. Gallen).  It is right on the border of Austria where we’ll perform on Friday night.  The time is flying by now. Jude