Wow.  Now it feels like time is flying and I’ll be back in Nashville “in a minute”.
Weather was absolutely perfect for a jog early this morning.  Must have been in the 50’s and no wind.  I’ve stayed in Zurich many times but never right in the middle of downtown.  I ran down to the lake and started around the right side of it.  Ran right along the water where there are swans and boats of all sizes – little sailboats and big luxury yachts.  There were huge, beautiful trees with their branches touching the ground.  But, I “ran out of pathway” after about 10 minutes and had to circle back.  This time I went to the left of the lake and ran and ran and ran.  At one point there was a huge white, metal sign with a blue alligator on it and something written in German in red letters.  No idea what that was about but I know there can’t be alligators in the lake.  They would eat all the swans!
Back to the hotel, quick breakfast, shower, ran over to Jimayli (our favorite store) for some bus snacks, and then met the bus to go to a small town in Switzerland.  I have worked with our promoter for many years and he’s a great guy.  We will be performing in Austria on Friday, but staying in Buchs, Switzerland – the promoter’s home town.  It was only about an hour and a half drive on a nice bus and the scenery was fantastic – towering mountains all around.  The hotel is nice but layed out very strange.  My room has a huge bed with a black leather headboard and the mattress is about 4 inches off the floor.  Plus, I have a STOVE, sink and refrigerator in my room!   The bathroom is okay but the toilet is so close to the wall, you have to sit sideways on it.  LOL!
As we walked to our rooms, we noticed that there was scaffolding and construction work going on.  When I asked the hotel clerk, she said, “Oh they will be finished today”.  NOT!  I know we are going to be awaken to the sound of a jack hammer at about 5 am tomorrow.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, the wireless internet was down.  Supposedly someone was coming to fix it and it would be up and running in a couple of hours.
We had a quick salad for lunch and I walked into town – since I couldn’t answer emails.  There’s a beautiful little lake (more like a pond) in this town, too.   In a one-block area, my mobile phone service changed servers 4 times.  Then the wireless totally shut off and I had to turn it back on manually!  But, I got the “steal of the trip”.  I found a beautiful white leather short jacket that is soft as butter.  I got it on sale for only 89 Swiss Francs – about $80 U.S.  I had tried on the same jacket last year at BCBG in Nashville and it cost $400.  I wouldn’t buy it because it was too expensive.
Ran into Tucker (the drummer) on the way back.  I’ve known him for years and he’s always had long hair down past his shoulders.  He cut if off and it looks great.  Brave boy to have it done by someone who spoke NO English.  I found a gym downtown that will allow me to work out there tomorrow and Susan said she would go with me.  Tucker said he and Gary found a Massage Parlor right by the gym.  It was a room with 15 massage tables in it and there was no “person” giving the massages.  They just laid on the beds and then rollers massaged them and there was “heat” as well. Plus, it was FREE!
When I got back to the hotel, David said that the internet had come up for just a few minutes but was back down completely.  We went to Opie’s room to see if he had any suggestions since he is the internet whiz.  By the way, he is doing much better.  Still has numbness in his left foot and some pain but is weaning himself off the pain medication.   He couldn’t fix the internet, so I found the promoter and he got in touch with the hotel internet technician again.  It’s up and running now and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
Had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and it was excellent.  Jenny and Howard had walked into town and purchased a lot of snacks at the “Coop”.  When they checked out, they learned that Coop doesn’t’ accept Visa.  So they had to leave everything.  Jenny was mortified.  They did find a bank nearby and got some cash.  When they went back, all their items were still at the checkout counter.
Think that’s all that happened today.  Got to get in bed so I can get up early for the “construction”!

Okay, had my dates and days all screwed up on these reports.  Penny will fix on the website for me.  J
Got up and walked into town with Susan to the Health Club.  We got in a great workout – all muscle groups.  I was still so sore from the intense workout on Tuesday that it was hard to do much heavy lifting.  But, at least my hand isn’t hurting nearly as bad as it did even 2 days ago.
Came back and showered and got ready to go with the Bellamys and our promoter for a radio and tv interview in Austria (about a 30 minute drive).  Before I left, I gave Wally my laundry.  I separated it into two bags – one that could go in the dryer and one that had to hang to dry.  Paid the maid 20 Swiss Francs to wash it for me.  Wally gave her very specific instructions on what to do and I prayed for a miracle. LOL
Interview was very brief and another artist that we have known – Cesar – was there.  We all went out to lunch in the little city in Austria after the interviews.  I have been in this city before – probably with the Bellamys since they say they have played here before.
We drove back and Jenny came to my room with a couple of bags of clothes.  They had delivered my laundry to her room.  And, guess what?  They dried the clothes that I asked them not to and handed me a bag of wet laundry containing the items that needed to be dried!  Sure hope the weather stays warm because now my clothes are Capri pants and crop tops! Nice.
We were supposed to go to dinner with the promoter but he got a call to do a radio interview and had to leave.  I had dinner in the hotel restaurant with David and Susan.  Opie is feeling much better.  He says he is going to work the show tomorrow night but we are trying to talk him out of it.  I think we all are more concerned that he will be able to make the long flight home on Sunday.
The internet was out this morning when we got up.  Our promoter called and read the technician the riot act.  In no time he was at the hotel with a lot of wireless routers.   Haven’t had any problem since then.
They construction work didn’t start until 9 am but it was incredibly LOUD.  They are using a jack hammer to bust through stone and concrete.  At one point, they had a huge machined blocking the entrance to our building and a ladder blocking the doorway.  I am thankful I was not in my room for very long today because the noise was deafening.  Looks like they have several months of work ahead.
Tomorrow Susan and I will go work out again.  Then we have a show tomorrow night in Austria.  Hard to believe there are only two performances left!!!

Throughout history, Switzerland has always remained “neutral” where wars/conflicts are concerned.  I wonder what their penalty is for murder?  There is a man with a jack hammer that I am seriously thinking of killing.   Today he started working at 7:30 am and finished at 6:30 am….non-stop!
Susan and I went back to the gym and worked out with free weights and then cardio on the elliptical trainer.  The weather is perfect today – probably about 65 degrees and sunny.   I showered and then walked into town.  I need to have a chip implanted in my body that gives me and electrical jolt and says, “Step Away From the Shoes” when I go near a shoe store.  Got another pair of great boots – as if I NEED another pair???  But they were a steal.  J  The two purchases I’ve made this trip bring my total to 98.  Time to clean out the closet.
Opie’s doing much better today. I tried to talk him out of going to sound check but he was stubborn.  It meant a 45 minute van ride where he would not be able to lie down.  Hopefully, he won’t overdo it and injure himself again.  Show tonight is in Austria and then we leave tomorrow morning for our last show in Schupfart, Switzerland.  Yep.  Pronounced just like it sounds – the Schupfarten festival in Schupfart, Switzerland.  J
Had a great meal in the hotel restaurant – wiener schnitzel.  Show took place in a really large hall and the crowd wasn’t as large as we had hoped.   But, the people who were there were definitely Bellamy Brothers fans.  They did an encore and we drove the 45 minutes back to the hotel, arriving back by 12:30 am.   I had my first migraine of the trip tonight just prior to the show.  I’m SURE that jack hammer had something to do with it!   I was surprised that so many of the audience members were as drunk as the folks in Norway.  Austria is usually a little more civilized.
A couple of guys who had definitely had too much to drink came up to the autograph table.  One was covered in grease – hands, arms, face, and jacket.  Guess he was a mechanic who didn’t have time to change before the show.  His buddy had on a pair of button fly jeans with only one button fastened.  I was praying that one button held until they could buy their cds and move on!
Going to bed.  Have to drive to Schupfart at 10:30 tomorrow for our last show.