Now, there’s a mouthful!

Got up at 4 am so I could be in Terminal 5 by 6 am.   The first thing I noticed was that the line for security was about a mile long.  Seems everybody goes on “holiday” today in Sweden.   I found the automated check-in and tried it but the machine wouldn’t accept my information.  There was an agent standing there helping everyone and she tried her machine and couldn’t find my ticket number.  I had to stand in line for about 30 minutes, but they did finally find my reservation and things moved quickly after that.  I was a little worried because I had changed the day I was flying from yesterday to today.

Flight departed on time and was very smooth.  Landed in Munich and had to wait almost 45 minutes for my luggage to come out on the belt but both bags made it.  I landed in terminal 2 and had to walk over to terminal 1 which was about a 30 minute hike.  The Bellamys had landed early and I could see them gathering their luggage.  Our contact – Tom – met me and we started calling the bus company.  Even after everyone got all their luggage, the bus was still not there.  We finally found out that he was stuck in traffic and wouldn’t be there for another half hour.  We ran to grab some lunch and when we got back, the bus was there.  It was a really nice bus with bays large enough for all our luggage and equipment.  The 3 ½ hour took us almost 5 hours though.  Our driver was supposed to have a “relief” driver with him, but didn’t.  He had to pull over and “rest” for a half hour.

The hotel is nice and I realized I’ve stayed here a couple of times before.  Usually when we play this venue, it POURS rain.  But this time it was nice and sunny.  I had dinner with Susan Bellamy, then showered and got ready to go to the show.   Our driver for tomorrow’s 6 hour trip to Cologne arrived with a really SMALL bus.  Only 26 seats and a trailer on the back.  Not good.  Going to be a long day.

The venue was packed and the Bellamys put on a great show.  They did four encores and signed some photos afterward.  Couldn’t stay long signing autographs because we have to depart at 5 am tomorrow morning.  I stayed at the merch table for part of the show with Susan but it smelled really bad in that area.  Seems the audience was using the area right behind the merch table as a “urinal”.  The security guard tried to keep them from going behind us but they managed to find a way around him.

Did not get a chance to answer emails today or make any phone calls.  Tomorrow is going to be just as busy!