Very short night last night.  Did not even go to bed.  After typing the road report, a HUGE bee got in my room through the open windows.  Even though the hotel gave me a fan, it was still too hot with the windows closed.  I had the buyer put fans in the Bellamys rooms and when they arrived, there were fans STILL in their boxes that had to be assembled.  I took them down to the front desk and got their assistance in putting them together.  ANYWAY, about the bee.  It was as big as a bumble bee but was a yellow jacket with a long stinger.  It was flying frantically around my room, slamming into walls and lights and I was dodging it as best I could.  When it would land, I would contemplate trying to smash it with a shoe or squirt it with hairspray.  Neither sounded like a good option if I missed.  I finally turned out all the lights and opened the door and windows.  After almost 45 minutes, it finally flew out into the hall when “chasing” me.  I ran back into the room and in my haste to slam the door closed, fell over the trash can.  Susan and David are in the room next to me and I’m sure they appreciated the noise at 3 am!

I went down to breakfast and told the guys about my bee.  Every one of them had a bee in their rooms, too, and one guy slept out in the hall because there was a huge brown spider in his room.  Howard’s wife said he woke up screaming that there was a snake in his bed.  Turns out it was the “hose” on his sleep apnea machine!  Quite a night.

The venue we played last night is in a “natural amphitheatre” with huge stone walls surrounding it.  I tried to take photos but it was too dark and we left too early this morning to get anything.  The buyer and promoter that we work with are wonderful people and it was good to see them again.  So happy that we finally got to perform here without RAIN.

We are now on our 6 hour bus ride that will take us 8 hours to Cologne.  The little mini-bus is pretty miserable.  Nice driver and he has his 10 year old son with them.  We should arrive at the hotel just in time for sound check and an early evening show.

So, it definitely took almost 8 hours.  We stopped at the hotel – which is beautiful 4 star Spa Resort hotel – and got checked in.  The band and crew departed for sound check and I had lunch with my promoter and the Bellamys.  Food in the restaurant was terrific.  I even forced myself to eat a tiny little teacup of crème brulee which until a few months ago was my favorite dessert.

Each hotel room has wireless but none of us could get it to work.  So, we all got cables and everyone’s but David’s worked.   The room is very “high tech” – buttons for everything.  I found a little remote and tried to turn on the tv but it didn’t work so I figured it was the remote for the air conditioning.  Nope.  That didn’t work either.  But I turned around to see the blinds on my ceiling to floor window lowering! Ah well…at least I know that that remote does.

Took a shower and departed for the gig in a stretch limo with the Bellamys.  Venue is a little “western village” similar to other dates we have performed in East Germany.  The owners are from Poland.  Didn’t realize it but we are only one hour from Holland, too.  The audience was great…not drunk, but more of a listening audience.  There was definitely some interesting western wear clothing, too.  Bellamys performed for 90 minutes, did an encore, and then signed autographs.

After the show, we all went to a fantastic Italian restaurant.  The only negative was the fact that we are all dead on our feet after no sleep last night.  It took 30 minutes just to get a glass of water and the menu.  By the time we finally got our food and ate, we had been there 3 hours.  I am literally falling asleep at the computer now so I am going to bed!   We don’t have to leave until 10 am tomorrow.  Yippee!  Bellamys are performing for a man who purchased them for his wife’s 50 birthday surprise.  Why can’t I find a husband like that?  J


Slept like the dead for 4 hours.  It was wonderful.  Great bed.  Decided to wait and work out tonight when we arrive in Switzerland since it is a “night off” for us.  The breakfast at the hotel was definitely that of a 4 Star Hotel.  They even made me an omelet.

Started getting everyone rounded up for the birthday surprise.  The buyer’s wife was sitting in the lobby and our huge tour bus was parked outside.  I went outside and met him and he said she had no idea what was happening. I had Howard and David come down and walk over to her and say “Happy Birthday Susann”.  She had this look of bewilderment on her face and still hadn’t figured out what was happening.  She said she saw all the Americans walking around and speaking English but didn’t know it was the Bellamys.   When we got on the bus, she was asking if the Bellamys had performed in Cologne and were they performing somewhere in Switzerland.  Told her she needed to talk to her husband.  J

The bus is fantastic.  Best seats on a bus we’ve had this entire tour.  And, the buyer loaded it down with food from the hotel for us.  He and his wife are both super nice people.  They loaded the bus with great food from the hotel and there are two bus drivers.  One of them is constantly going up and down the aisle offering drinks and food…much like a flight attendant only a lot more attentive!

Our 6 hour drive is turning into 10 hours.  Not surprising but at least we are traveling in comfort and style.  Susan and I had pedicures booked for 5 and 6 pm at the hotel/spa but we are missing those.  I’m going to whine and beg tomorrow to see if they can work me in.  Supposedly they are booked up but I can be very persuasive.

Finally made it to the hotel.  It’s a beautiful hotel on beautiful property but the first thing I noticed is scaffolding on the entire hotel except for the very front.  I knew what that meant – very early morning noise.  When I checked with the hotel, they confirmed that yes, this would be the case.  I managed to move Howard and David to a part of the hotel that MIGHT be a littler quieter.  Good news is we are in a 5 star hotel.  Bad news is, we won’t be able to sleep late.

Met the buyer’s daughter – Jessica – who is as nice as he and his wife.   Got everyone checked in and tried to log on to the internet. It would not connect.  David was having the same problem and we both HAD to get online since it’s a work day now in Nashville.  We both called the front desk and they sent people up but couldn’t fix it.  I was threatening to move to another hotel when they said that they would bring us a “wireless” card and we would be able to connect.  I was very skeptical but it worked.  I didn’t even leave the room for dinner but ordered a salad from room service and kept working.

I’ll have to take some photos of the hotel and the room for the internet.  The bathroom is marble with a separate shower stall, tub, and separate room for the toilet which has a built in bidet.  They even had the fans in the rooms like I requested.  Front desk was extremely helpful and it’s obvious they want us to be happy with our stay here.  They told us we could go into the bar for a free “Welcome Drink”.

For once we actually have two nights in a nice hotel.  Tomorrow is my massage, manicure, pedicure and hair cut.  Boy, do I need all of those after almost 7 weeks here.  Nails are long enough to really do some damage!  The “birthday party/performance” is tomorrow night and there will be about 125 people attending.  Should be a really fun evening.