Since there was no “gym” nearby, I worked out with the “bands” in my room.   Sometimes I think I get a better workout with them anyway!   Had a quick breakfast with Nils and his wife and then we departed at 11 am for the 1 hour drive to Tonsberg. The hotel had all but a couple of our rooms ready and we were able to switch those with some other guests who had not arrived so that everyone got into their room immediately.

We had about an hour before driving 10 minutes to the theatre in Notteroy for sound check. It’s a beautiful theatre and as of this afternoon, they had sold all but about 10 tickets. I met the production crew and lady in charge of catering and “did my thing” in about 15 minutes time then went back to the hotel to work.   It’s hard only being in a hotel for one night these next few nights.   Don’t really want to unpack everything but have too!

The “Green Room” at the venue was awesome. There were 2 hammocks, a killer massage chair, and a stand-up “Wii” gaming console. All the guys now want a massage chair on their tour bus and this request added to their rider for international dates! 😊

I had dinner at the hotel restaurant. It’s a beautiful area – right on the waterfront. I took some photos outside the hotel and will post on Facebook tonight.   Check them out!

We left for the show at 7:30 and Kjell (our promoter on all these dates) had driven over to see us “briefly”.   He’s going to come back on Sunday or Monday when we are closer to Oslo and visit longer. The people at the venue last night and tonight have been great.

Bellamys performed for 90 minutes and then got called back for 3 encores.   Another great evening. We were back at the hotel by 10 pm and it’s midnight now. We have a 10 am departure time and a 3 hour drive. I thought tomorrow was our longest drive but it’s actually a 4 hour drive on Saturday!

Going to post this report and photos and try to grab a few hours of sleep.