Had a quick breakfast this morning before we departed for a 3 hour drive to Kristiansand. Love this city! We ran into a little traffic and had to make one “restroom” stop, so it actually took us 3 ½ hours. This is probably my favorite city in all of Norway with Bergen being the second favorite.   Bergen is second only because it rains all the time there. ☹

Our promoter and her staff and NRK TV were waiting for us when we arrived.   Howard and David went straight into the television interview and the staff already had the room keys ready for me.

George (their former production manager) came by the hotel and it was SOOOO great to see him. He looks great and is still a sweetheart. He seems very happy in Norway, too.

The venue is only a couple of blocks from the hotel so we were able to walk over and back. It’s a “standing” crowd tonight and they will probably have quite a bit to drink before and during the show. Should be a great audience.

Most of us met for dinner at 6:30 pm. The food was just “okay” again. It would be a lot less expensive if the promoter would just do a “buy out” and let us eat wherever we wanted. Hotel food is always expensive and never very good.

Show time was much later tonight – 9:30 pm! The place was packed and the audience was in a great mood. The Bellamys had a wonderful show and once again got called back for 3 encores. We left immediately after the show and have a 9 am departure time tomorrow with a 5 hour drive – including a 25 minute ferry ride! Long day coming up…..