BELLAMY BROTHERS SCHUPFARTEN FESTIVAL PHOTOS FESTIVAL PHOTOS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND: Thought I would get to sleep until at least 8:00 but another migraine woke me up at 7 am.  I don’t think I’ve ever had two migraines that close together.  Then the chain saw started up outside at about 7:30 am.  They were cutting down a tree! Everyone was on time and the drive to Schupfart was beautiful.  Every village has a church as the “center piece” and 90% of them all have “bells”.  They are so beautiful.  However, the one right outside my window will start ringing at 5 am tomorrow.  At least it’s more soothing than a jack hammer. I’ve been to this festival many times and the hotel feels like “home”.   Got everyone checked in and I headed out for a run to try and get some oxygen going to my brain and get rid of the headache.  Ran for 5 miles along a beautiful bike path where I constantly watched for bikers! Then back to the room to “re-pack” for the trip home, shower, and meet the Bellamys for dinner.  Our driver from Klewenalp – Marcus – came by to pick up his pass for the show tonight.  He is a real sweetheart and loves country music.  He went over early to see the other artists perform. Great restaurant at this hotel and the food is wonderful.  Good way to end the tour – beautiful weather, nice hotel, wireless internet, good place to jog, fantastic food, and a sold out Festtent tonight. Show was packed.  It’s a huge Festtent with picnic tables lining the inside. My friend from Klewenalp made it over.  He flew back from Kansas, picked up his car and drove straight to the event.  Now that’s a country music fan. The Bellamys sang one song with a very popular German Artist who perform here every year – Truckstop.  Bellamys also sang this song on Truckstop’s last cd.   This is supposedly the last tour for Truckstop but I think they have been on their “farewell tour” for about 6 years now.   I saw them for the first time here many years ago.  Their “finale” was “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and their fiddle player came out with a green devil head with smoke pouring out of it while he played the song.  Interesting! Great crowd and they stood throughout the show and sang along.  We got back to the hotel by 12:30 am and I was in bed an hour later.  Off to Nashville tomorrow! Jude SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2007: Time to go home!  Hard to believe I’ve been over here for 3 weeks.  It actually went by very fast.  Sorry I didn’t have time to get in one more jog this morning before our early departure.  Weather is still beautiful. One van was on time and one van was late picking us up.  But, we made it to the airport right on time.  Got a wheelchair for Opie because as we learned from past experience, if we don’t bring him in with a wheelchair, they won’t make any effort to accommodate him with better seating.  The line for “group check-in” had about 200 students in it, so we opted for the regular line.  I had to hike to the adjoining terminal since I am flying back NWA and the Bellamys are on SAS.  I go through Amsterdam and Detroit and they go through Copenhagen and Chicago.  I should arrive back in Nashville about 30 minutes before their flight.  We shall see. Easy flight to Amsterdam and still on time.  Packed business class section from Amsterdam to Detroit and it was freezing on the flight.  The guy next to me got up to go to the toilet and I closed his ceiling vents while he was gone.  He had them wide open but pointed towards ME.  So far, he hasn’t noticed.  J Lots of turbulence on the flight across the Atlantic.  And, about half-way there, the flight attendance asked for “medical personnel”.  Evidently, there was a medical emergency.  We landed early and were all told to remain in our seats until the paramedics could come on board.  The person was in the Coach Section and of course, half the passengers did not follow the rules which further delayed our de-planning.  They finally got the passengers seated and got the guy off.  Then we had to wait another 15 minutes for “Customs” to clear us which I found very strange.  ‘When I got off, there was a tall, young blonde man sitting in a wheelchair outside the gate entrance.  But instead of paramedics, there were security guards surrounding him.  Not sure what that was about! My luggage was already on the belt and I noticed lots of bags with “red” tape – the tape we give out for our tours.  Not sure who I had on my flight with me but evidently someone I had worked with before. I ran to the gate to see if I could get on the earlier flight to Nashville, but it was sold out.  So, several hours layover in Detroit.  Quick, uneventful flight to Nashville and I’m home for a week. J  Photos will be up on website site next week. Jude