Tuesday, February 23 and Wednesday, February 24
Today I leave for Switzerland and Germany, and will meet Dailey & Vincent in Zurich. I got myself checked in, and went down to the American Airlines counter to see if the guys were there yet. Just as luck would have it, they had just finished checking in. I introduced myself, gave them their itineraries and told them I would be waiting for them outside baggage when they landed.

I bought a book for the flight and went to my gate. I read until it was time to board. Flew to Detroit, then on to Amsterdam. I read some and watched Everest, a true story from 1996 where several people died in a storm just after reaching the Summit. Most of them froze to death, how horrific. Arrived Amsterdam early and they are still doing construction. Seems like every airport I go to is doing construction. Flew safely on to Zurich. I arrived about 2 hours before the band. Good thing I got that book.

They arrived a little early, and Albi and I waited and waited for them to come out. I finally sent a text to Scott and he said all was ok. Then he called me….they were waiting on a skycap. I told him they don’t have skycaps and to get carts and we would meet him outside baggage. They finally came out and we loaded the trailer with the luggage and gear. The band rode in the bus and I rode with Albi. Met them at the hotel, got them all checked in and told them I would get their per diem, show them where breakfast was, and reminded them of departure time for tomorrow.

I walked down to the bank to get change for per diem. I arrived at 12:33pm, and they close from. 12:30-2:00 for lunch. I walked back to the hotel, answered emails, videoed back home with the boys and walked back to the bank when it opened.

It’s raining with a light mix of snow, a lot like what we are expecting at home, it sounds like. Had dinner, checked emails and time to get some rest. We don’t leave for the venue until 2:30….first show in Zurich!

Thursday, February 25
Slept in this morning, went down to the Coop to get water and some snacks for the room. Left at 2:30 for sound check. Sound check was easy, only took about an hour. Then we had down time until dinner. We had dinner at the venue, then it was time to get ready for the show.

Darrin and Jamie arrived about 8 pm, we watched some of the opening act. Dailey and Vincent took the stage at 9:30, put on a great show. The crowd loved them. The second half of the set was better than the first. Shawn sold a ton of CDs and the guys all signed autographs after the show.

When we got back to the room, several of us went down to my favorite little restaurant / bar by the hotel and had pizza. I always go to this place when I come to Zurich. Back to the room, checked emails, video FB home and off to bed.

Friday, February 26
Got up, showered and Shawn and I went in to town, walked around, I took him to the souvenir shop, Sprungli chocolate shop, and we checked out the sights. We went back to the hotel, had some lunch and checked emails, Bill from Four Corners arrived to accompany us to his club in Germany tomorrow. We all left the hotel at 6:30 to have dinner at the venue. Big crowd tonight. Darrin and Jamie’s show was even better than the night before. Crowd absolutely LOVED them, they sold a ton of CDs and DVDs. Looks like they may sell out of everything by the time the tour concludes.

Back to the hotel, we all went to “Flash” because everything else was closed. This was my first time there, and we all liked it. Back to the room, videoed back home, packed a little and off to bed.