Saturday, February 27
Up early this morning, got ready, finished packing, had breakfast and loaded the bus for Germany. Had to wait on Darrin and Jamie. They stayed at a different hotel and had some problems checking out, so we were a little delayed in leaving – 10 am. Had a nice scenic ride, once we got out of the city, you could see the countryside was covered in snow. They probably had 2-3 inches, and was beautiful. Stopped and ate along the way, and still arrived the hotel before 2 pm.

Got everyone checked in, the band went on over to the club to start setting up. I went over a few minutes later and they were pretty much done, just doing a line check today – easy!

Met some of the guys about 5:30 for dinner at the club, back to the room to check emails, get packed since I leave tomorrow morning and get ready for the show. We left for the show about 9:30, Andy picked us up and drove us over. It’s so cold out and snow still on the ground in the fields. Got to the club and the place was packed. Everyone was there except Aaron. We called his room and he had just woke up. He made it to the club in plenty of time since Daniel was playing s little long. Dailey and Vincent went on, and they had an amazing show. They played over 2 hours with 2 encores. Of all of the bands I have been with here, they never had to come back for 2 encores. They have an upbeat, fun show. Signed autographs and took pictures with everyone after the show. Got back to my room about 1 AM, gonna video back home and lay down for 2-3 hours before its time to get up and take a taxi to the airport.

Sunday, February 28
I felt like I laid down and got right back up, wonder if that “nap” made it worse? Got ready, checked out, had breakfast and taxi came at 7 AM. It’s a 1 hour drive to the airport, arrive with no problems, got checked in and left on time. Its an 11 hour trip from Munich to Atlanta, I read watched 2 movies and slept about 4 hours. Arrived Atlanta, no problem with customs or passport control. Seems more and more people are doing Global Entry now, which is good, makes the process much quicker. Flight to Nashville was on time, made it home and my boys were waiting on me. Glad to be home, but we all had a really good trip.

Dailey and Vincent has Sunday off and were each doing different sightseeing trips, and going on to Gstaad tomorrow morning for a show there.