Wednesday, March 5, 2014
On my way back to Zurich, Switzerland today! This go I am meeting up with the award winning bluegrass group Dailey and Vincent. They have a show in Gstaad, Switzerland tonight, before traveling via bus to meet me in Zurich tomorrow. Yesterday I had an email from someone in the band saying they had left a duffle bag at baggage claim in Zurich and could I pick it up when I land tomorrow. Hopefully it will still be there and they will let me grab it.
I’m actually flying United this go through Dulles and then into Zurich. I have a lovely 6 hour layover in Dulles so I can do my Global Entry interview, which will be nice to have.
No problems with flights or interview. Finally watched August:Osage County, honestly wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy. Very good movie though.
Thursday, March 6, 2014 – note to self..fly in a day earlier and adjust to time difference!
We landed an hour early in Zurich, was able to grab the duffle bag and my bag and then a taxi to the hotel. As I am getting out of the taxi, someone is blowing their car horn at me…it’s Albi, our promoter. Guess he was on his way to work. Told him I would see him later on tonight at the show. Checked in and cleaned up. Darrin Vincent called me when they were about an hour out from the hotel, but he also let me know that he and Jamie would be staying on their own at the Hilton by the airport. Well.. ok..
Met the guys in the lobby with room keys and itineraries. Jamie and Darrin took a taxi to their hotel and would see us tonight at the venue. The band and I had about 2 hours before we had to go over for sound check. I walked across the street to get some lunch.. honestly, I am afraid to lay down and fall asleep because I don’t think I will wake up until sometime tomorrow!!
Our driver picked us up at 2:30 and I rode with Albi over to the venue. Soundcheck went very smoothly and we finished around 4:30. These guys are all so talented and I am very excited to see the show tonight! Walked next door for dinner. Again it is a set menu for us. And again, it is the same menu it has been for the last 3 years. sigh. at least it’s good.
Darrin and Jamie came over as we were finishing out dinner, they had not eaten so Albi had some food sent up to their dressing room to eat. We have an opening band tonight, bluegrass called Bluegrass Beans. The band and I could not remember the name and kept calling them Jelly Beans 🙂
Guys took the stage on time and just captivated the audience. I was talking with George, the owner and he said it was the best he has ever heard. That he was going to be back tomorrow night for both shows.. George never stays late for the 2nd show! The crowd kept telling me how great the sounded, how nice they were, that they like the fact they wore suits and dressed up. And the women loved Christian Davis deep voice when he sings. Just a great show all around.
After signing autographs Jamie and Darrin went back via taxi to their hotel and the driver took all of us back to ours. Its 1:00 AM and I am crashing!
Friday, March 7, 2014
Woke up at 8 and went downstairs for breakfast. Bob was down their so I joined him. We started talking and realized my kids are taking Tae Kwon Do from the same people he and his family went to many years ago. They are still close to them too. Small world. Went upstairs to shower and get ready. We don’t have to go to the venue until 6:30 tonight so I am going to run errands in town. Took the tram into the city and did some shopping for the kids (toys and clothes) and me (chocolate) and then just walked around. It was a beautiful day. 50 degrees and sunny. Just enjoyed people watching and taking in the sights. Grabbed a quick lunch and then headed back to the hotel. Oh… Jeff, the banjo player is sick with a head cold and sinuses so I stopped at the drug store across from the hotel to get him some medicine. I am trying to describe the symptoms to the lady..I am sure I looked like a dork BUT.. I got what I need and left it by his door.
The band was downstairs and ready to go at 6:30. Jeff had started taking the medicine so hopefully he will fill better soon. We dropped off our stuff in the dressing room and walked over to eat. I went with the sweet and sour vegetables tonight 🙂
Finished up around 7:30 and again.. Darrin and Jamie arrived just as we finished up. We ordered them some food and it was taking forever. We had about 45 mins before showtime when they brought it up. I guess there was some sort of mess in the kitchen and things were running behind. The waiter that brought the food up was walking out when I asked him for 2 forks… of course I am saying this and doing a stabbing motion with my hand so he would understand what I needed.. He said “I understand..I’m from San Diego” LOL. Big laugh. ok.
Different opening band tonight. The Stringcasters I think? Not bad..they did a bluegrass version of “The Twilight Zone”.
Show started on time and again the crowd was in awe. A lot of people came back again that were here on Thursday night. The crowd and the band both seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.
They all signed autographs afterwards and then back to the hotel by 1. There is a storage room downstairs at the hotel that we are able to put our equipment in until morning when we leave for Germany.