Wednesday, February 5 and Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today I leave for Zurich, Switzerland and will meet up the HER & Kings County for 2 shows at Albisguetli Schutzenhaus. I always enjoy going to this venue and the city is amazing. I left Nashville going to Atlanta, and I thought since I had an almost 4 hour layover, I would schedule an interview for Global Entry, so when I come back in the U.S., I can expedite passport control. 🙂 I had to make my interview for the Port Authority outside of the airport because the one at the airport was fully booked. I took a taxi, which ended up being about a 10 minute ride, arrived waaaay early for my 2:45 appointment – at 1:30. There were a few people waiting, and as each person finished another officer would call for the next person. I ended up getting my interviews about 1:45, which now meant I would call my taxi driver for an early pick up. 🙂 I arrived back at the international terminal about 2:15, and still had over 2 hours before my flight. Grabbed a quick bite to eat and boarded e flight for Zurich. The flight was maybe half full so it was nice to have a full row to stretch out, won’t be so lucky on way home. 🙁

Landed almost an hour early in Zurich. My flight was supposed to land about 10 minutes before the band, but luckily their flight was almost an hour early too. I meet up with everyone, got all their luggage and gear and met out driver, Milan, outside baggage. Albi met us outside and then I rode with him to the hotel. Get everyone checked in, had to wait about an hour for our rooms, which was perfect as we had breakfast while we waited. Some of the band went to check out the town, I crashed for a couple of hours, then showered, had dinner, worked, talked to the family and went to bed about 11.


Friday, February 7

Slept in this morning since we don’t leave for sound check until 2:45. Arrived at the venue and Christof had everything set up and ready. Love working with Livesound, they are always top notch. Sound check was easy. Albi even had the kitchen make up some sandwiches for everyone for after sound check. Had a short easy sound check. Love it when it’s like this.

Had dinner at 6PM in the private dining area. Lots of interesting conversations. 🙂 Went back to the dressing room until show time. I took a few photos and video, but it’s so dark that my pictures don’t kow up very well on the ipad. And I forgot to bring the regular camera. 🙁 I sold merch during the last half of the show. Monique and the band did a great show. The crowd seems to LOVE them. They are not country, but more a rockin’ country and do several “southern rock” songs but with a funky twist. Different, but a good show. The band signed autographs after the show and took pictures with fans. Everyone seemed to have really enjoyed the show.

Driver took us all back to the hotel and everyone was hungry. Monique and I walked down to the little “pizza restaurant / bar” that I always go to. Lorraine was there, the lady that owns the bar with her husband. They are great couple, so sweet. We ordered several pizzas and a I ordered a salad. We hung out for a while, they had a few beers and then Lorraine’s husband made everyone a shot of something “yummy” as a toast. They and another couple are going to come to the show tomorrow night.

I left about 2 AM and everyone else stayed a while longer. I called the family and crashed!


Saturday, February 8

Nice beautiful day in Zurich, but still a bit cold. Had chinese for lunch, went downtown shopping, walked around and bought chocolate. Can’t come to Switzerland and not buy chocolate. 🙂

Tried texting Monique today….they were supposed to leave early this morning, taking a train to Germany to pick up a car rental and driving back to Zurich. She said they would be back by noon, and as late as they were up, I sure hope so. Finally got a text from her about 4:30 saying they were here. They left early, got the van and got back by noon and they crashed. So glad they are back!! 🙂

We all left for the venue at 6:30 PM, dropped everything off in the dressing room and went to dinner. The opening act tonight was Dewayne from Holland. I met him a few years ago when I was here with Shawn Sahm and the Tex Mex Experience. Dewayne has been mentored by Flaco and is amazing on the accordion. He did a great show, and the crowd loved him.

I sold merch again tonight during the show, so not much time to take photos. Monique and the band signed autographs again tonight. Lorraine, her husband and their friends came to the show, and she brought me some “sweets”. 🙂 They seemed like they really enjoyed the show, at least I hope so.

Back to the hotel about 12:30 AM. I called home, slept for about 2 hours and back up for my journey home.


Sunday, February 10

Took a taxi to the airport this morning since it was just me going back to the States. Monique and the band were going to do some traveling around while they are in Europe.

I leave Zurich with a connection in Paris :). I cannot believe how far apart the terminals were. I think we came in on the opposite side of the airport as to where I needed to leave. Even had to walk forever and then take a shuttle to the terminal. Only had about 20 minutes before we started boarding. I got in my seat and I CRASHED!! HARD!! I didn’t even know when we took off I was so tired! lol

Landed in Detroit and I waited, waited and waited for my luggage – no luck! 🙁 I was just thinking the other day that I have been very fortunate with all of my travels to have only not got my bag but 1 time, and that was when I got home. 🙂 Guess I jinxed myself since my bag didn’t know up today, but luckily I am going home. I filed a claim when I got in, and actually got a call about 10:30 PM that my bag had arrived and they were going to deliver it. I told them to just wait until morning since I was home and didn’t HAVE to have anything right now. So glad to be home with my babies….and much appreciation to my mom for coming down and taking care of all of my boys while I was away! 🙂