Monday, March 5 -6, 2012 – Day 1 and 2

Well, I am off to Zurich again today. Taking LoCash Cowboys over to play at Albisguetli. I was here about 2 weeks ago with the group Scarletta. Of course last week while I was home the weather in Zurich was in the 50’s and 60’s, now that I am back it has dropped back down to the 30’s and 40’s!
Met everyone at the Nashville airport and check in went smoothly. Left on time for Dulles but landed a few minutes late. We only had an hour and half layover to start with so we were all rushing to the gate (2 terminals) over to catch the international flight. Got to the gate right as they started to board. I had put in for a mileage upgrade about 2 weeks ago and had been waitlisted, over the weekend United and Continental did their big computer merger and when I went to check in online Sunday night it didn’t show my upgrade. Called UA and it had been lost during the merger and they couldn’t reinstate it so close to departing, would have to do it at airport. The Nashville agent told me I was 3rd on the list. So I stood at the UA gate just waiting for my name to be called.. like standing there waiting to here you have the lucky ticket 🙂 I did get my upgrade and the flight is the newly configured planes where some of business fly’s facing forward and some fly facing backward.. I got to fly backward. LOL.
Before take off, Rob brought his phone and charger to me and asked if I could charge his phone during the flight. Sure, no problem. I still had the phone when we departed so when I caught up with the rest of the group at baggage claim in Zurich Rob asked for his phone. I told him that right before we landed I had asked a flight attendant to take it to him since I didn’t know his seat number. I said “She never gave it to you?” I let him freak out for a few seconds before pulling the phone out of my purse.
Albi and Ernie met us at the airport and I rode with Albi to the hotel, catching up on things. At the hotel all the rooms were not ready yet, so got the guys to go to the restaurant and get some food. Kept running back and forth between restaurant and front desk as rooms became available.. got everyone in their rooms.. except me. Finally about 30 mins later I got mine. This time, I have a the big room with the big balcony. I think most of the guys are going to take a nap before we go to dinner tonight.
Lindsey Chance
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 – Zurich, Switzerland – Day 3
I think I got caught up on my sleep! Up at 8 to go down for breakfast. Had a message from my friend Joe over here and he wanted to try and do lunch today. Ran down to the grocery store for some water and snacks and then Joe picked me up at the hotel at 11:30. He took me outside the city to Rollie’s Steakhouse. They bring it out on a “hot stone”. You cut your piece off and lay it on the stone and it cooks the meat right there. It was awesome and so good to catch up with Joe. He and I met years ago through the “Ray Scott Incident” we now refer to the Zurich Central Train Station as “Ray’s Place” LOL.
Got back to the hotel around 2 and had to be ready to go over to the venue at 3:30. I got to facetime with the kids before Christy took them to the sitters. They were eating breakfast. When they saw me, they asked if 1. I was on an airplane and 2. If I had gotten their toys yet 🙂
This is our long day at the venue as we do soundcheck, then dinner and the show. Showtime isn’t until 9:30 so we have a lot of down time. I did the veal for dinner and it was very good.. also got my Jack Daniels tiramisu again 🙂
The venue is only about half full tonight but tomorrow night is sold out. LoCash did a great show, very interactive with the audience and very high energy. The crowd loved it. Finished around 11:30 and back at the hotel by 1. Have the day free tomorrow since lobby call isn’t until 6:30. So I will be running back into town to get a few more things.. of course.
Lindsey Chance
Thursday March 8 – Friday March 9, 2012 – Zurich, Switzerland
Ran into Jason and Jared at breakfast and we decided to go into town for a little bit of last minute shopping. Met them in the lobby about an hour later and took the tram into town. Walked them down Bahnhofstrasse and down to where you can see Lake Zurich. Ran into an H&M store one last time. We were starving so we grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds… I know, I know.
Came back to the hotel around 2 to start packing a little bit and get ready for the show tonight. Bill, my friend and the promoter in Germany is on his way over today, he will take mom and LoCash to Germany tomorrow for their show at his club on Sat night.
We arrived at the venue around 7, dropped our stuff in the dressing room and walked over to the restaurant. Bill was there waiting on us and was able to sit and have dinner with us all. First show started at 9:30 and the house is packed! They brought Albi on stage during the show and gave him one of their LoCash baseball jerseys. I think he liked it 🙂
Joe and Annalies were there tonight also, I had told Joe at lunch yesterday about Rob being here. Joe likes the Titans and even has a Titans jersey that he wore to the show. Introduced them and took a picture for him.
Shows were done around midnight and had to say my goodbyes to Bill since I wouldn’t see them tomorrow. Have a taxi taking me and Rob to the airport at 9 in the morning.
Mom landed on time and took a taxi to the hotel so I was able to sit down and have some breakfast with her before I left. Hated telling the guys good bye. They were all great to work with and such good people.
We had thought Rob was on my flight home, but United did not have a reservation for him and all Rob had was an email with his outbound.. no return. We finally found his flight.. Swiss Air / United that leaves an hour after mine. He goes through Chicago and I am over nighting in DC. We headed down to our terminal and grabbed a coffee and sandwich before I boarded… no upgrade on the flight home, but the plane wasn’t full and I had plenty of room to stretch out 🙂
Ready to get home and see my babies 🙂
Lindsey Chance