Monday, Feb 20, 2012 – Zurich, Switzerland
Leaving today for Zurich with the group Scarletta. They are performing Wed and Thursday at Albisguetli. Met everyone at the airport and check in was painless. Their are 6 people in the group, with Nathan, Aubrey and Benji fronting it. Very nice group of people. We were a little delayed leaving Nashville but it was such a short flight to Atlanta that we made up the time and still had about an hour and a half to make the connection. Flying is usually when I get to catch up on my movies, but the selection wasn’t that great. Tried watching The Rum Diaries bc Johnny Depp is in it, but only made it about 30 mins before switching to something else. I think I ended up watching “How does she do it?” and then slept the rest of the way. Landed on time and Albi and Ernie were at the airport to meet us. The band rode with Ernie to the hotel and I rode with Albi so we could catch up. Weather is still very cold here 🙁
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012
All the rooms were ready and got everyone checked in and had some coffee with Albi, man I love the coffee here! About 10:45 AM I started to head downstairs and I could hear 2 of my guys outside their room talking, one of the guys, Gehri, was in his room when the light fixture feel right down on top of him. Hit is shoulder and he cut his foot on the glass when it shattered! He is ok, thank goodness! Met the rest of the guys and we took the tram into town. We did a little shopping and then they went on to sightsee while I went and did more shopping.. bought The Z’s some clothes, spent my life savings at Yendi and then what little I had left I bought some chocolate at Sprungli… not sure what I am going to do for money for the next 3 days! This is one expensive city!
Came back to the hotel around 5 and the band was already back here.. took a few of them down to the grocery store … Coop to get some drinks (i.e. beer and water) then I headed over to Flash Take Away. This is the place that made such a wonderful calzone last time I was here.. and yes, I am having it again. LOL. Trying to keep myself awake for a few more hours so I can get on a sleep schedule here. Tomorrow we leave at 3:30 to go over to the venue for soundcheck, dinner and showtime!
Oh.. and mom is watching the kiddos until Thursday when Christy takes over. Had an email from her this morning saying everyone was good. Miss them bunches 🙁
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 – Day 3 Switzerland
Woke up at 8 and headed down for breakfast, ran into a few of the band members, one who had been up since 4 AM! Have I mentioned that I love European coffee? After breakfast I went back down to the grocery store to stock up on some snacks (paprika chips and marzipan bars) then headed back downtown to look around. Had to be back at the hotel to leave for soundcheck at 3.
Soundcheck went well and we were done by 5, then the guys did a short interview with a local Swiss country radio station. Still had about 45 mins to kill before we could go to dinner. We had a set menu to order from, most got the veal, but Aubrey and I ordered the Perch. We also got the beef bullion soup with sliced up pancakes in it… it was really good. Dessert was Tiramisu with Jack Daniels in it. There was a “sucken” hole in the middle of the Tiramisu which we found out is where the inject the JD. The Jack got stronger the closer you ate to the center to where finally, eating the center piece was just like taking a shot!
Had another 2 hours to kill before showtime, guys are starting to wear down, esp after being stuffed from dinner. Showtime was 9:30 – 10:15 then a 20 minute break and 10:40 to 11:30 PM. I had not had a chance to catch one of Scarletta’s shows so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They were great, the audience loved them. Very high energy and great vocals and harmonies. The band signed some autographs afterwards and chatted with the locals. I think everyone was happy with the show. Albi’s wife Winny, came by for a little bit so I was able to see her.
Now 1 AM and I am going to sleep, lobby call isn’t until 6:30 tomorrow night. Yay!
Lindsey Chance
Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 – Day 4
Got about 4 hours of sleep, then up to get some breakfast. We aren’t leaving for the show tonight until 6:30 PM so had most of the day to go out into the city. Went back downtown to get some last minute purchases (more truffles and clothes) and just walked around. Such a beautiful, clean and expensive city!
Came back to the hotel around 2 to catch up on some things and get ready to go. Dinner again at the venue, same set menu as last night. We have about 4 things we get to chose from. Tonight was the soup and pancake again, but opted to try the pasta and caramel pudding for dessert. All very good. The other side of the restaurant makes these huge hamburgers and the guys all really wanted to try one but it wasn’t an option for us.
Scarletta’s first set was started at 9:45 PM. Another 20 minute break and then the second set at 10:30 until about 11:30 with encore. They have a really good, high energetic show.
Back at the hotel around 12:45 AM. The Flash Take Away is open till 1, so a few of us walked over there and grabbed a bite. Now packing and going to grab a few hours of sleep. Have to get up at 5 to leave for the airport by 6:30. Can’t wait to get home and be with my kids. Got to talk to them for a few minutes last night, mom said that Zac woke up in the middle of the night and took his blanket and toys to my room, but once he realized I wasn’t in there he just dropped them in the hallway. Broke my heart 🙁
It has been a really good trip. Always nice to see Albi and everyone at the venue. The guys and gals with Scarletta have been such a pleasure to work with and hope we can do more with them.
Lindsey Chance
Friday, Feb 24, 2012 – Day 5
Went to bed around 2 and had be up at 5:30 to leave for the aiport, unfortunately I didn’t even get 3 hours of sleep. I was up all night long with feet cramps. 🙁
Went downstairs to the lobby at 6 to check out and grab some breakfast. Aubrey and Jason were in the lobby.. they never went to sleep! The rest of the guys came down and we all had a quick breakfast before leaving at 7.
Got everyone checked in and had about an hour before the plane would board. Went and bought Zac and Zoe a last minute toy. It was a princess comic book with a mirror attached and Zac a Shawn the Sheep comic book with a small whoopie cushion attached!
You have to take the airport tram to the international terminal and while you are riding through the tunnel you have the sounds of cows mooing, cow bells and yodeling. Pleasant little ride 🙂
Before we took off, the captain came into business class and talked to us about the flight, said we were going to hit some turbulence over France and then go down the east coast and probably have some “hot air” over DC. Ate dinner and watched another movie then fell asleep, about an hour into sleep we hit the turbulence and it was bad. I guess he had to go around and it added another hour to our flight. I already had a short connection in Atlanta but now I didn’t think I would make it. The band is on a later flight to Nashville (which I will probably end up on) made it through customs, and ran.. didn’t even get to say goodbye to everyone. Got to my gate and my flight to Nashville has been delayed 30 mins so I was able to make it. Called Nathan and they had made it through customs and were headed to their gate. Nathan had a voicemail saying American Idol needed him for the show on Wed so everyone watch for him on Wed night show. He is the awesome and talented fiddle player!
Boarded the flight to Nashville and then sat for about 45 min before finally taking off. I think the flight that the others were on actually landed before mine! Landed, grabbed a taxi home, dropped off my stuff, picked up my car and headed to Christy’s to get the kids. I don’t know who was more excited me or them! Zac loves his whoopie cushion.. he and Zoe were having a blast sitting on it. Zac calls it his “bouncy thing”
Headed back in a week with LoCash!