Wednesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 23

Today I leave for Germany and Italy, alone, but will meet up with Phil Vassar for 2 shows. I will meet up the 2 of the guys when I land in Munich. Phil and Amy have been doing a promotional tour the UK and will meet up with us later Thursday after they land in Munich. Before I left, I get a call from Lindsey that Phil and Amy will be staying at a hotel In Augsburg, about 30 minutes away.

Short flight to Detroit, 3 hour layover so I had late lunch and waited….boarded a little late as they in bound aircraft was late arriving and had to b cleaned. We were about an hour late leaving, but still landed on time. Took forever for my bag to come out since I have lost my “status” on Delta. frown emoticon:( Called KT to find out where they were, talked to Bill, met up with everyone and left for the hotel. I emailed Amy and since they are not staying at the hotel next to Bills club, Amy said we did not need to meet them when they landed. Got checked in at the hotel, rested a bit, checked emails, got cleaned up and walked over to the club for dinner and conversation. Back to the room, checked more emails and going to try to go to bed. It’s so hot!! Bill said it’s rained for several weeks and been quite cool, guess it warmed up just for us. frown emoticon

Friday, June 24

Slept off and on, then awake from 1:30 til about 5, finally went to sleep and got up at 8. Checked emails, showered and went down for breakfast. Kenny messaged asking about changing his room to a lower floor because it’s so hot. He didn’t sleep well either. No word from Jeff yet this morning. Got a short sound check today since Phil is doing an acoustic show. He and Amy won’t be over til tonight, just before show time. Going to chill today and try to stay cool….

Went to the club about 3, Kenny said he would be over around 3 or 4. He and Jeff finally came about 4:30, and took them all of 10 minutes to get everything done, easy since its an acoustic show. We ordered pizza for dinner, then went back to the hotel to freshen up before the show.

I went back over at 8, that’s when Amy and Phil were supposed to arrive. They had just got there. Phil met with a few fans from Amsterdam and a few other places. He had a great show, and what a great guy he is, and Amy, too – my fellow east Tennessean.  🙂  After the show Phil signed autographs and left for the jostle about 12:30.

Back in the room, and I pretty much crash.