Saturday, June 25

Up at 5:45 so I can get ready and finish packing. We leave for the airport at 7:45 and are going to pick up Amy and Phil at their hotel since its on the way. Got to the airport about 9:30, and used the Lufthansa kiosks to check in, but we all had to go the counter to check and pay for our bags. Went to one counter and she motioned for us to go across to the other side. When we got there, there was a huge line to check in and I asked the guy about where to go to pay for bags, he directed us back to where we came from. Luckily when we went back, the lady was very nice, she was originally from GA! Paid for our bags, went through security and on to the gate. Short flight to Milan, I tried to sleep, but just didn’t happen.

Arrived a little late, about 15 minutes. Got our bags and Mitch was waiting outside for us. However he had not been able to find Phils musicians that were coming in from Manchester. We had them paged and waited and waited. I asked this lady if there was another area where flights came in for terminal 1, and she said “on the other end”. Amy and I start walking that way, and we run into Mitch. He had already been down that way and found them.

Arrived the hotel, and the guys went straight to sound check while I got everyone checked in. Sound check ran over about 30 minutes, but it was fine. Phil went to do his interview, then we all rested a bit before dinner. We all went over for dinner at 6:30, finished in time to go back to the room to change and freshen up before the “meet and greet” and press conference. There was actually a line dance team that camps all the way from Brazil to see Phil! Had a great turn out for the press conference. Then everyone took photos with Phil afterwards. Phil went back to his rooms to cool down after the press conference. It is so HOT this year, it’s crazy! I went and got him about 10:15 to go over for a 10:30 show time. Phil had a great show and a great crowd!! Was a much different show than the acoustic set last night. After the show, Phil signed autographs and took pictures for about 30 minutes. The fans absolutely loved him!

Back to my room about 1 AM, have to get up at 5 AM to leave for the airport! It’s been a great trip! Loved meeting Phil, what a great guy and so nice!!

Sunday, June 26

Up at 5 AM, showered and got everything packed. Went downstairs and waited a few minutes for Mitch. We left and got to the airport about 7:15 AM. He dropped me off where it showed Delta, but once inside, I still had to walk forever to the counter area. They had security set up in the hallway, which was so strange. They didn’t do anything, just had everyone in a line and starred at you as you walked through. The lines were so long at every Delta counter, took about 20 minutes, then had to walk all the way back across the airport, further than where Mitch had dropped me off. I felt like I had walked 3 miles by the time I got to my gate.

Flight was a little late departing, but arrived Atlanta on time. They have kiosks for those with Global Entry, about 20 of them, and only about 5 were working. I have never seen so much chaos and disorganization it was ridiculous. Got to the gate and waited for my flight. All flight were a little late leaving because of storms. Landed at home about 20 minutes late. So glad to be home!

Now I get to enjoy 3 days off with my boys! So excited!!